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  1. red_harrington

    Who is the caped crusader

    Spotted on google maps inside the Riverside
  2. red_harrington

    Things you just learned

    I only just heard about the infamous Neil Warnock anagram :sneaky:
  3. red_harrington

    FAO Pink Ponce

    Any transfer tips PP? You usually have something up your sleeve Come on we know you're on here, nothing can escape the internet
  4. red_harrington

    'Toughest' Munro-bagging record broken by a week

    As announced HERE I can't even begin to imagine how tough this could be Just walking up and down one of those mountains, once, is enough to knock me out for a day; he did 282 of them in less than a month
  5. red_harrington


    Circumstances with the missus mean that I have to go out and buy blobs if we're to have any fun. I feel like I'm 17 again. I hope the checkout person in Tesco doesn't give me 'that' look o_O:whistle:
  6. red_harrington

    ManC Lyon

    I'm not a massive ManC fan but even so I want all English teams to do well in Europe (bar Chelsea) If they play as well as their potential, and recent form suggests they will, I can't see them losing
  7. red_harrington

    How do I place a bet with the bookies on something off the radar

    OK so I have a feeling that the world record for a giant marrow will be broken this year, but I don't think giant vegetables are listed anywhere as a bet. So is it possible to make a bet somewhere? How do I go about it? I've looked at some betting sites and their FAQs and not coming up with much.
  8. red_harrington

    Insect bites WTF

    Every summer for the past few years I come back from the allotment with 1, 2 or 3 insect bites which means several bites a day, every day, from May/June/July/Aug/Sept. They are invariably on the neck, back, waist or ankles. Fair enough, midges or mozzies perhaps? But no. Because sometimes I...
  9. red_harrington

    Oh the irony

    Anti-immigrant Tommy Robinson is now an immigrant Classic
  10. red_harrington

    Wolves on TV tonight

    Traore starts Not expecting a great game tbh but better than nowt
  11. red_harrington

    Monzo Bank

    My mate says I should sign up, mostly cos they make zilch on the exchange rates, and I buy a lot of stuff in dollars Can anybody vouch for them as a company/bank, for obvious reasons, cheers
  12. red_harrington

    Rock n Rollers 1970s crisps

    I have no idea why but this song has been in my head on and off since 1975 and I've found it again just now thanks to the internet 'Salt and vin-e-gar... FLA-VOUR!' I wish they'd bring them back
  13. red_harrington

    Post office woes

    I run a mailorder business and over the year I probably send out well over 1000 packages internationally using Tracked & Signed. Most of the contents are of low value less than £100. Every single one of them arrives within a few weeks without fail. So isn't it typical that when I send...
  14. red_harrington

    This came up in my Instagram feed

    Quite impressed that of all the 1000s of matches the could have chosen, this is the one they're using to promote their Ceefax mug :giggle: You can get it here:
  15. red_harrington

    Car Owner Virus

    A public information film. Turns out we we warned about the virus 40 years ago!
  16. red_harrington

    Vintage Boro pic - can you name them all

    Rummaging through my stuff for something totally else and I came across this, from 1980 or 1981 I think :geek: So who can name them all? I must admit there are 3 I had no idea Erimus not allowed, too easy for you ;)
  17. red_harrington

    Worst gig you've ever been to

    Back in 1985 I was well into the Pogues, they'd just released 'Rum Sodomy & the Lash' and were nearing their peak. So when I read in the Gazette that someone who'd supported them on tour was coming to play at the Dovecot in Stockton, I was dead excited. On the evening of the gig, I went on my...
  18. red_harrington

    Is there a decent UK-brewed lager

    As a general rule I warm up in winter by drinking ale and cool down in summer with lager. I know it's not 'cool' but I usually drink Heineken - anything but the ubiquitous UK one-vat-many-taps same old same old ubiquitous pish water that comes en masse from Northampton. I fancy a change...
  19. red_harrington


    Not sure if they are better or worse for you than crisps, but I can't get enough of them, always have liked them, especially jumbo salted cashews :sneaky:(y) But walnuts - eugh :sick:
  20. red_harrington

    Stupid people

    They will always be about, that's the way it is. But it riles me when they're in a position of power, especially when it comes to spending public money. At least I hope he didn't spend our money on this tat. He might as well have bought a load of shamanic crystals...