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    Collection of old programmes - what would YOU do?

    I'm duplicating an old board thread here, so here is the original - if you have any thoughts but prefer to post over here, let me know... (also, replies here are better for notification purposes :))
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    Riverside Roar volumes 3-5

    I appear to have all of these for some reason. Are they any use to anyone other than my local recycling facility?
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    Anyone learnt a language through Rosetta Stone?

    I've used the trial and it looks promising - to be honest I'm tempted to dive in and pay a couple of hundred quid for lifetime all-language access, but just wondered if anyone had any personal experience of the full version?
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    Is Colin still here?

    #WarnockOut :)
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    Clever appointment

    Really tricky to boycott the place when you're not allowed to go anyway
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    Bloody Good Period

    Just checked and it's a year since I mentioned this, which is way longer than I realised. So I'm mentioning it again. MENSTRUAL SUPPLIES ARE NOT CHEAP, BUT FOR ANYONE WITH A PERIOD THEY ARE, OF COURSE, AN ABSOLUTE NECESSITY. Sadly, the reality is that they're a luxury that many refugees and...
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    Calorie and exercise tracker apps - what's best?

    Recommendations please, with reasons if you can be arsed :)
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    PIA 8303 crash in Karachi on Friday

    Anyone following this? I did have a look for other threads but couldn't see any. There are two pretty startling things about it which seem to be fact: 1. It crashed in a tight residential area, killing nobody and injuring 8; 2. It appears to have been largely caused by trying to land an A320...
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    When David James played up front

    Includes quotes from Doriva, somewhat bizarrely
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    Adama in The Athletic

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    FAO people who use Facebook on iPhone

    If I delete the app from an iPhone, in order to use space taken by its "Documents and Data" cache, what are the chances of me losing something important the user might've wanted to save? I'm thinking it will probably all be saved in Facebook, but good to check...
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    What do we actually want from football?

    I've been listening to the Future Of Football podcast that Mark Chapman is doing at the moment, and thinking of some ideas as to how "we" could use the current crisis to force a change in the game for the better. Some questions arise during that process - I think I know what my answer is to...
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    Ben Gibson and Sean Dyche

    There was a piece on The Athletic a couple of weeks ago about Gibson training with Boro, and the implication was that Dyche didn't want to see him around the first team squad. Anyone know what's gone on?
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    Logarithmic scale

    OK. As a certain eminent physics student among our number knows, I stopped concentrating 18 months too early when it came to A-level maths. On the worldometers Coronavirus page, the graphs have the option of linear, which shows a flat line steepening, or logarithmic, which shows a steep line...
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    iPhone notes question

    Sorry, Googling isn't providing a definitive answer, and I'm in a rush. If I try to sign out of an iCloud account, one of the warnings says "iCloud notes will be removed from your iPhone". My assumption is this does NOT apply to notes marked as "On My iPhone", only those stored on the server...
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    'Jonathan has my total support'

    Not me, Gibbo...
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    Damien Comolli on football

    This is a fascinating, long interview with Comolli which covers so many areas from the recent history of the game. If you've got any interest at all in football, give it a listen.
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    Admin - the Post Reply and Preview buttons aren't working

    Hence the lack of replies
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    Dilemma time. I've been staying in a self catering room - one of those bed-and-kitchen jobs. Two days running I'm *reasonably* sure there was less food on the side when I got back in the evening than there was when I left in the morning. Not 100%, but 95%. Would you say anything? First instinct...
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    Is it me...

    ...or does the messages function not work properly in Firefox on Android? The messages icon says there's a message, clicking on it brings up a notification "balloon", but then if you click on that or "show all" nothing happens.