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  1. Middlesbrough123

    Rudby hall up for sale

    Well it has been for a while , is it my imagination it is this a bit of a bargain compared to Wynyard for example ?
  2. Middlesbrough123

    Pep guardiola

    I heard today he spent over £400m on his defence at city during his time there , is he really as good as his reputation ? 🤔
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    We’re crying out for signings

    We were crying out for signings we’ll that’s 4 in now and windows far from shut . Just shows you a bit of patience and things start moving . Probably at least 3 more still to come .
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    Starting to wonder if these owners are just into running a profit taking business rather than building a football club. They’ve constantly sold players for a good profit over the yrs and still not reached the premier league . Considering the underwhelming look of the new stadium that would make...
  5. Middlesbrough123

    Wilfried Zaha

    This is a player that wants to move to a champions league club every summer and rated £30-50m apparently. But how poor are these stats ?
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    COVID perspective

  7. Middlesbrough123

    McNair at centre back

    Worth a go for a full season ? The manager seems to have him eyed for that position , although he could be covering ourselves a bit in preseason in case we don’t bring one in . It could be a season if ‘discovery’ for some players .
  8. Middlesbrough123

    How much for a premium league striker ?

    With Wilson looking at leaving Bournemouth for over £20m on a record of about 1in 4 at the age of 28, buying strikers seems more higher risk low reward nowadays . As a championship club I know it’s easier said than done , but it’s a good league to test potential strikers out . A lot is saiid...
  9. Middlesbrough123

    If Watford came in for Britt

    Would we sell ? I’m quit optimistic about the season but with a few bob to spend after today’s sale their will be in the look out for a replacement . Britt in his final yr of his contract would effectively be a bargain to them
  10. Middlesbrough123

    Riverside stadium debt

    Does the club own it outright now ? Can’t say what valuation there is on it mind
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    Noel whelan and boksic

    Just read this online , new one for me but you’ve probably heard it 😆 When Alen Boksic was at Middlesbrough, his strike partner was Noel Whelan. This did not please Alen Boksic. One Monday after Whelan had a particularly bad game, Boksic marched into the office at boro and said "How much does...
  12. Middlesbrough123

    Has anyone found a greater love of beer 🍺

    I don’t usually drink in the house but tempted to get some unique lagers or beers , although I need to watch the penny’s as we don’t know how long this will go on
  13. Middlesbrough123

    If you woke up to this from 2 yr a coma

    Would you feel it must be alla dream ? Referring to the Ajax player , though I’m not sure he’s actually fully awake yet .
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    Any prophecy film/series recommendations?

    Can’t beat a good biblical prophecy film 🎥
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    There seems to be a lot of videos going around of the Chinese cooking dogs alive , bat soup and other disgusting things . These things can’t be anything new , yet there’s more of it being exposed to us . At the moment there’s not many country’s that I’ve heard giving China what for regarding...
  16. Middlesbrough123

    Euro cancelled until 2021

    Which means our current fixture list should be easy to complete .
  17. Middlesbrough123

    What’s the official cause of this virus

    I haven’t actually heard any facts yet
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    Ravel Morrison

    Why has he deleted all Boro social media posts ? Looks like he may of fellout with some one
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    Next week we say goodbye

    To woody , if it doesn’t happen Sunday itl by Tuesday morning .
  20. Middlesbrough123

    The outsider

    It’s turned into the slow burner most Stephen king shows end up ,after first 2-3 episodes looked decent .