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  1. Redwurzel

    Who's this fella here on the Boro web site?

    Looks like Erimus74 would have made a good strong centre half in Willie's team of 84. ;)
  2. Redwurzel

    Walter Tull: why the black footballing pioneer was denied a Military Cross

    Zaphod There were no black solders in the Union Army until late 1862 - Black solders in the US Army after the Civil war were often give roles non - combatant roles such as cooks, grave diggers, road builders. Segregation was 100% in the US Army until 1948. The Confederacy lost the war, but won...
  3. Redwurzel

    Great old industrial photos

    I used to look out from a bedroom window on our house at the top of Ormesby Bank across an array of bright lights and flares etc every night towards Wilton - other worldly.
  4. Redwurzel

    Seriously, is there anything better on tv at the mo than Mortimer and Whitehouse gone fishing

    Bob has been going to Boro games in London for years - all types of games too not just the glamour ones - remember at Millwall twice. I think he lives in Ashford in Kent. Ming you - Yeovil was a far old Paul Whitehouse would say.
  5. Redwurzel

    Middlesbrough Lockdown Confirmed

    Isn't the Middlesbrough to Whitby railway line the border between Middlesbrough Council and Redcar and Cleveland? So you can drink at the Fountain in Ormesby without restrictions but not the Rudds Arms in Marton?
  6. Redwurzel

    Walter Tull: why the black footballing pioneer was denied a Military Cross

    Could you imagine a non-white officer in the US Army in 1917? Black solders did not even carry arms in the US Army until the Korean War 1950-53 (except 1863-1865 Federal Army as an emergency measure) even though they made up a significant amount of the US Army. I am proud the British Army had...
  7. Redwurzel

    29th September 1984

    3-2? Nice warm day - lots of room on the Holgate terraces to stretch out - it was a battle to get a win - down to the the bare bones - the club kept selling to balance the books but that just reduced crowds further. Mick Kennedy, Mick Baxter, Gary McDonald, Paul Sugrue? Paul Ward? and then...
  8. Redwurzel

    New Bank confirms Centre Square Headquarters.

    ES - I never worked in the Steel industry and understand it was an unhealthy industry and has taken years off some people's lives (including one of my grandfather who died at 53 after working at Cargo Fleet since he was 13). However without the industry half of Teesside would never have existed.
  9. Redwurzel

    Investing In Shares

    FTSE 100 is down from 7350 to 5890 in the last 12 months - this is the 100 biggest shares on the London Exchange - that's about 20% down. NASDAQ is up from 8000 to 11000 in the last 12 months - this is a US Tech shares index - that's a 37% increase. There is very little tech in the FTSE 100 -...
  10. Redwurzel

    Who still has their original username from the old board?

    Coluka Ref: Pauluka - didn't he own a Greyhound as well as give tips?
  11. Redwurzel

    Will we make anymore signings?

    If we don't sell I think it will be limited to only 2 more - money is tight. A defender and forward or attacking midfielder.
  12. Redwurzel

    New Bank confirms Centre Square Headquarters.

    Its the type of jobs required now - fintech. I love Teesside's Iron and Steel heritage and later Chemical heritage, but the World has moved on and 90% of jobs are service sector and increasingly digital.
  13. Redwurzel

    Who still has their original username from the old board?

    Registered in 2002 (I think) and defo the same name. I was on a MFC discussion board for fans in early 2001, calling for Robbo to go. MFC soon after shut it down. Go back to the late 1990s I think there was some Boro discussion board set up by Tim Lloyd who I believe was based in Hong Kong and...
  14. Redwurzel

    Guess who's back?!

    And it looks OK and obviously no longer carrying the virus - Its nice to have him back it must be better for the team in a small way. How many first squad have had the virus at MFC since the end of June? 2 players? 3 background staff?
  15. Redwurzel

    Channel 4 news now - how trump targeted the black vote

    Ref targeting Afro-American voters Is he dropping the return of the Jim Crow Laws? (separate but equal)
  16. Redwurzel

    First Premier League Yorkshire Derby for 19 Years??

    Boro v Hull was a Yorkshire Derby in the EPL in 2016/17 season, based on pre 1968 boundaries. Yorkshire cricket played games in the Boro and Hull before the decision to only play in Leeds and Scarborough.
  17. Redwurzel

    Rudby hall up for sale

    Do you think they would take £2.2m for it?
  18. Redwurzel

    Investing In Shares

    I would not stop anyone putting everything into a decent tracker fund, but its the investing equivalent of a 0-0 draw.
  19. Redwurzel

    Dael Fry

    He is not ready at the moment to play in the Premiership. Fulham needs players now. I am surprised they didn't try and get Ben Gibson. I would have thought £7.5m would have got him.
  20. Redwurzel

    Willie Maddren question

    Cheers E74 for the brochure. I didn't quite get the England story correct - it was England under 23s and Alf Ramsey who did not know who Willie was. I had Alf in my head, but then remembered he was sacked in 1973/4 season after England failed to qualify for the 1974 WC Finals.