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  1. Middlesbrough123

    Marcus Madison

    I’d imagine he won’t do much wrong at Charlton especially on the cheap . Charlton will probably end up top 6 .
  2. Middlesbrough123


    Big year for Everton with a proper manager . Maybe you should just look at the managers in the premier league right now and ask yourself who the top 6 are . That’s could be we’re their teams finish this year .
  3. Middlesbrough123

    For fans of The Cribs (feat. Johhny Marr)

    I was thinking MTV cribs 🙈
  4. Middlesbrough123

    China recriminations.

    Maybe they just don’t put some one that died of another illness while also having COVID , down as a COVID death .
  5. Middlesbrough123

    Jawdees one nil down at Newport

    I actually had a feel Everton , Spurs could win a cup this year with Newcastle making some progress into a competition.
  6. Middlesbrough123

    Investing In Shares

    I was going to mension beyond meat earlier . I’ve just looked now and they’ve gone up 10% today . I had them a couple of month back the day their went up 25% ........although I’d already sold at 6% 🤷🏻‍♂️
  7. Middlesbrough123


    I’ve jamie Oliver with a mushroom before it was quite chunky, might if been a beef mushroom. It looked like it could be a meat substitute
  8. Middlesbrough123


    Must admit the thought of photographing one never entered my head , amazing on real pizzas and stroganoff amongst others things 😆 🍄 🍄
  9. Middlesbrough123

    Rudby hall up for sale

    This house is actually cheaper than what it would cost to build now
  10. Middlesbrough123

    390 Million GBPs on defenders alone! Obscene!

    The demise of gaurdiola begins , but he only has one year j look left on his contract so I dare say he won’t be signing another
  11. Middlesbrough123

    390 Million GBPs on defenders alone! Obscene!

    I made this post yesterday 😛
  12. Middlesbrough123

    Zohore !

    You never know Woodrow might land yet . I suspect any incomings will be premier league loans now
  13. Middlesbrough123

    Investing In Shares

    I’m using their demo account now £150k up in 5 days with CFD’s but that was with crazy leverage not a level I’d choose to trade at . There’s certainly a lot of volatility in USA stocks
  14. Middlesbrough123

    Rudby hall up for sale

    Just cash in your tracker 👍💰
  15. Middlesbrough123

    What's all this, member, active member, well known member sh1te

    Well known member = old retired people who comment more often Active member = regular fans who are still working 👍😉
  16. Middlesbrough123

    Klopp firing off at Roy Keane on MNF

    Aye he focused on the only negative, he’s done that before like . He should stick with the positives 👍😎
  17. Middlesbrough123

    Malteaser biscuits

    There ok I find you need to eat a lot to appreciate them properly 😀
  18. Middlesbrough123

    Dael Fry

    If we have any thought at all of going up we need to keep him , I doubt his value right now will help us I much at all if we sold unless of course we’re content with the second Division
  19. Middlesbrough123

    Rudby hall up for sale

    Well it has been for a while , is it my imagination it is this a bit of a bargain compared to Wynyard for example ?
  20. Middlesbrough123

    2020 VW Crafter

    I had a chew looking for a ford transit fuse box , turns out there was another fuse underneath a fuse box 🤔