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  1. swordtrombonefish

    A Symptom of Climate Change?

    Local defences plunge as temperatures rise, and new / deadly, existing but benign strains of amoeba flourish?
  2. swordtrombonefish

    UPVC Door Seal Split From Surround - Repairs?

    The rubber seal around the door has been damaged when a large item was being taken out of the house, so it has parted from the white surround. Soes anyone wkow if these can be replaced or if there is a glue that would stick the two together? Thought I'd try here first as it is the fount of...
  3. swordtrombonefish

    Boxing on YouTube if Anyone Interested

    pretty poor to-date though
  4. swordtrombonefish

    For anyone at a loose end - Boxing

    From MTK KAZAKHSTAN - the subtitle translations are bizarre!!!
  5. swordtrombonefish

    Links Anthony Yarde vs Dec Spelman?

    Struck out again - anyone?
  6. swordtrombonefish

    BAD SEED TEEVEE – 24hr Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

    ON YouTube now....
  7. swordtrombonefish


    Love the trailer - the Frank Herbert books are epic, and this looks to be trying to stay true to the source material, if they do then it will be peak Sci-Fi. Bring it on.
  8. swordtrombonefish

    RIP Alan Minter

    A real tough looking fella in his latter days (I saw him a couple of times when in Liverpool & Manchester) Minter was a WBA & WBC middleweight boxing champion who was dethroned by Marvin Hagler. He finally hung up his gloves in 1981.
  9. swordtrombonefish

    RIP Diana Rigg

    & farewell Mrs Peel 82 was a pretty good innings.
  10. swordtrombonefish

    News / Social Media Bleed

    I look at the 'front page' of something like the BBC News and see the following image of the 'headlines' below. My question, should the ringed elements be anywhere near front page 'News' or is this further demeaning real news and information against popular social media guff? Would you argue...
  11. swordtrombonefish

    Harry Maguire "Feared for His Life"

    A damage limitation / sympathy building crock of shoïte
  12. swordtrombonefish

    David Gilmour live on Facebook if any Interest

    He's just nipped off for a break
  13. swordtrombonefish

    Chrisopher Nolan - TENET

    The film they are hoping will kickstart the cinema experience again...or maybe it already has ;)
  14. swordtrombonefish

    Mortimer & Whitehouse: Gone Fishing

    Starts again tonight at 20:30 - BBC2
  15. swordtrombonefish

    Sir Stevo Timothy

    Watched these for an age - just realised never been mentioned on here AFAIK - you might enjoy...The video sketches of Sir Stevo Timothy and Lady Sinead Nora aka Farmer Michael and Kathleen. As seen one RTE, CNN, FOX, ABC, TV3.
  16. swordtrombonefish

    Neil Young Archives - Facebook/Google Logins Scrapped

    Interesting communication from the archive team included the message from Neil Young below - I use my email anyway and not the federated login from either of them... NYA DAYS AWAY FROM DROPPING SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM We have been working on this project for a couple of months...
  17. swordtrombonefish

    Tom Waits "Bad As Me"

    The usual madcap performance by Tom. Love the first comment: ""Tom, we burned through our entire music video budget on 'Hell Broke Luce,' but we still have to make one for the title track of the album. What do we do?" "I got fifty bucks, and a jar full a whiskey. You got a camera?" "Yeah, but -...
  18. swordtrombonefish

    5 Different Genre Older Books That You'd Recommend?

    One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovitch - Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn (semi-autobiographical novel) I, Robot - Isaac Asimov (Science Fiction - Short Stories) The Code of the Woosters - PG Wodehouse (Comedy/Humour) Foucault's pendulum - Umberto Eco (A thriller/adventure story for the mind) Last Train...
  19. swordtrombonefish

    It Gets You Right Down To Your Soul