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  1. parnabyscrosses

    Messi stays

    Knew it from the start. What a mess this is.
  2. parnabyscrosses

    Fans of The Clash

    I know there's a few Strummer fans on here, this is well worth a watch, went out live last night, some nice performances from a great line up of artists.
  3. parnabyscrosses

    Man City V R Madrid

    Anyone watching? Should be a good game. I wasn't expecting Hazard to start which is good for them but Real have a tendency to fall apart at the back without Ramos so I reckon City should win it although I don't think Jesus is clinical enough in comparison to Aguero.
  4. parnabyscrosses

    According to Block21...

    Something offensive.
  5. parnabyscrosses

    Ronaldo documentary last night

    This was a new documentary broadcast by Sky. I'm not the biggest CR fan but what a load of rubbish this was, a pure vanity trip for him, endless scenes of him walking around his home topless and in the shower. I was quite looking forward to it but soon realised it had little to do with his...
  6. parnabyscrosses

    New Sopranos podcast

    I know there's some other fans of the show on here. Steve Schirripa (Bobby) and Michael Imperioli (Christopher) have just started a new Podcast called Talking Sopranos, there's been 2 episodes so far and it's fascinating if you're a fan of the show. Available on YouTube.
  7. parnabyscrosses

    Informative podcast about Coronavirus

    Just finished listening to this and I found it a worthwhile listen, the guy is at the top of his field in infectious disease research and explains the situation very well and in an easy to understand way. Also addresses many of the rumors and uncertainties about the illness.
  8. parnabyscrosses

    Braithwaite to Barcelona

    Don’t see it happening as there’s a few on the list but he’s one of their targets as they have permission to sign a striker due to long term injuries of Suarez and Dembele. Horrible way to go about things really, Leganés will be certain to go down if they lose him and he’ll barely kick a ball...