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    Jet suit paramedic

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    Coal used to generate electricity . . .

    . . . for the first time in 55 days. The heat wave has reduced wind generation to 4% (from 30% maximum) due to low wind speed and gas fired generation reduced with high cooking water temperatures It's a fine balance this electricity generation.
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    If you want to sign up for a vaccine trial

    Vaccine trial
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    Foreign agent registration

    Can it have any tangible effect?
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    Teesside wind farm . . .

    . . . was awarded a 22 year lease in 2004, after which it would have to be decommissioned. Does that mean it gets pulled down in 6 years or was the lease date started when the wind farm was commissioned (2014)?
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    Randox Covid-19 tests withdrawn

    £133 million contract not put out to tender. Ex-goverment minister consults for them. The swabs used in their private test kits are fine though . . . Taken for an expensive ride again. Randox tests safety issue
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    Birmingham or Charlton?

    Can't see Birmingham getting anything from the last two games so a draw or losd tonight and they'll be below us.
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    Judy Dyble has died

    Founding member of Fairport Convention
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    17 years since Boro lost a 3pm Wednesday kick-off

    Two Wednesday 3pm wins this season.
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    Should key workers pay tax for Covid-19 tests?

    HMRC treating Covid-19 tests as a benefit in kind. Frontline workers to pay extra tax
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    Quarantine restrictions to be lifted for 90 countries

    Looks like air bridges falling by the way side . . . . Quarantine return restrictions to be lifted if they want us. Link
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    Where are the daily graphs and stats for Covid-19?

    When the No 10 press conferences were ended, it was said that daily graphs would continue to be publicised. They aren't. Link
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    Go Outdoors about to go into administration?

    Surprised but shows how difficult physical retail is. Link
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    Reasonable people can have a different view

    Saying of the last few days. It's been ramped up faster than testing. Does a bit of patronising make you feel good or a mug?
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    He's resigned

    Well a Scotland Minister, Douglas Ross, has resigned as he has troubles over Cummings' explanation. My faith in human nature has taken a small blip upwards
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    What would you instinctively like to do today?