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  1. hewielewie

    Obvious but I didn’t realise

    That you can get fined if you fail to self isolate when you have been told to by track and trace but not if the App tells you to.
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    Interesting thread

  3. hewielewie

    St Leger

    Spectators arriving. Not a lot of social distancing going on at the front of the queue. Our infection rate was 2.6 per 100,000 cases, can't see it staying that low. Thank you Johnson you f***ing halfwit!!
  4. hewielewie

    When do you get a test?

    With Hancock saying this morning that 25% of people are getting tested when they don't need it I was wondering when you were advised to get a test. I was under the impression that if you were informed that you had been near someone who had a positive test you had to isolate and get a test...
  5. hewielewie

    Oh dear

    They just can’t help themselves Less than 30
  6. hewielewie

    All Championship transfers by club

    Lots of frees Barnsley Killian Ludewig [Red Bull Salzburg] Loan Dominik Frieser [LASK] Undisclosed Birmingham City George Friend [Free] Brentford Charlie Goode [Northampton] Undisclosed Bristol City Joe Williams [Wigan] Undisclosed Cardiff City Kieffer Moore [Wigan] £2m Coventry City Gustavo...
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    Anyone fancy it?

    Not me!!
  8. hewielewie

    Who will be in your seating bubble?

    Two households
  9. hewielewie

    I blame Michael Fish for the way MSM is acting

    Ever since he said there wasn't going to be a hurricane, the MSM are so scared of saying anything that might come back to bit them.
  10. hewielewie

    1st August easing postponed

    Just announced
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    Clicked my first ignore today

    Should have done it sooner.
  12. hewielewie

    The Oval today

  13. hewielewie

    Gazette faces

  14. hewielewie

    The CEO who rebuked her staff for not wearing masks

    Oh dear!! Doing a Cummins
  15. hewielewie

    Evening Gazette photos on pubs opening

    Not a lot of social distancing in a couple of those photos. Link
  16. hewielewie

    England v Germany Euro 96

    I was in America at the time so haven’t really seen the game, only the goals. According to Wikipedia, Venables didn’t make any subs through the whole game. Is this true? Also why did Southgate take the 6th penalty when Mcmanaman and Anderton were still on the pitch?
  17. hewielewie

    If he can't adhere to it...

    What hope is there? It's two metres Daniel!!
  18. hewielewie

    Pandemic team scrapped

    6 months before
  19. hewielewie

    If this is a war against COVID19

    Then the first casualty is always the truth. Adult content model!
  20. hewielewie

    Watching The Big Match Revisited

    It’s BHA v Blackburn and BHA have just scored with two massive smoke bombs going off in the penalty area!!