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  1. goalscrounger

    Who else doesn’t like wearing a face mask?

    I wear one all day for work (as well as for shopping, eating out, walking the dog, cycling home etc). I find the blue ones the most comfortable for breathing but they can be really tickly around the nose sometimes. Biggest problem for me is that it really hurts my ears by the end of the day...
  2. goalscrounger

    NFL today - Bills game live at 6 Just leaving this here btw
  3. goalscrounger

    NFL today - Bills game live at 6

    Game of the weekend isn't until tomorrow though ;)
  4. goalscrounger

    Question marks on the keeper there ?

    To be fair, the shot was straight at the post (and I felt it could've held it :LOL:)
  5. goalscrounger

    Question marks on the keeper there ?

    Nearly a 4th there :(
  6. goalscrounger

    Question marks on the keeper there ?

    Not for the first time either. I know what people say about Pears not dominating his box, but he's far better at handling the ball than either of the other 2 keepers.
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    Can't say I'm impressed with this guy yet.
  8. goalscrounger

    Club stream - Audio is three seconds behind video

    I've had to mute it.....2 weeks in a row with no hard can it be????
  9. goalscrounger

    What is your Ultimate 20 Team Premier League?

    Arsenal Aston Villa Chelsea Coventry City Derby County Everton Leeds United Leicester City Liverpool Manchester City Manchester United Middlesbrough Newcastle United Sheffield Wednesday Southampton Sunderland Tottenham Hotspur West Brom West Ham Wolves
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    Team for QPR

    Is Fletcher injured?
  11. goalscrounger

    An announcement from Wrexham FC

    Wow, that's such a bizarre acquisition if it goes ahead!
  12. goalscrounger

    60s and 70s kids programmes......

    Thing is, I hated stuff like this and Flashing Blade, they were just filler until Swap Shop started!!
  13. goalscrounger

    Bolton Wanderers

    I know we are going through hard times compared to the glory days of the Carling Cup win and our European adventures, but spare a thought for our opponents in the final....Bolton are 4th bottom of Division Two with no points (and no goals) to their name after the opening two games of the season...
  14. goalscrounger

    Happy Birthday to Boro North America @utbna 7 years old today ;@))

    Good job we equalised, almost spoiled our breakfasts 😂
  15. goalscrounger

    Imagine if Every Kid Arriving at School Got A Covid Test

    Pointless testing schoolkids who are not in boarding schools as the tests take too long to come back (and the rapid antigen tests are not reliable). You could be tested on a Thursday, get a negative result the following Monday but have become infected over the weekend (and then go round being...
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  17. goalscrounger

    NHL Play offs

    Tbh if it's not the Caps then it's anyone but the Penguins for me! 😂
  18. goalscrounger

    NFL Fantasy Teams

    Wow, game over. Please tell me he doesn't have McCaffrey too?!
  19. goalscrounger

    NHL Play offs

    It's a shame these two couldn't be the Stanley Cup final. They've both been so exciting to watch (even when the Islanders knocked out my Caps team). Having said that, if the winner came from the Western Conference I'd be far happier to see Dallas win than Vegas so I'm glad that series was...