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  1. Cooper671

    Eat out to help out.... it begins!

    Let the bargains commence... straight out for dinner today. Possibly tea too. All aboard the food express... next stop bargainville!!! Randy if you see this... any spare tables in the oak? 🤔
  2. Cooper671

    Off to the pub for the Match

    Give this a whirl. Ogradys redcar for a couple on me bob tod. UTB
  3. Cooper671

    Just watched Boro 8 Man City 1.....

    On sky sports classics. It’s not a classic for me. I think Man City we’re trying to qualify via fair play league so we’re never gonna be getting stuck in.... obviously Dunne goes off (wrongly) But just realised how good Downing performance is. Even the 4th goal he wins the ball mid our own half...
  4. Cooper671

    Why would you ever drive north of London..twice?

    Says labour senior staffer Tara Jane O’Reilly with her take on the Dominic Cummings affair
  5. Cooper671

    Joe Biden - you ain’t black if you support trump

    Surely a massive own Goal. He has apologised now. Hadn’t an hour ago when I seen it
  6. Cooper671

    Hyde Park Protesters

    What’s the court of opinion on these idiots in Hyde Park yesterday.
  7. Cooper671

    Who is going to post the most obvious thread today??

    In the next 30 minutes or so a thread is bound to appear along the lines of Starmer & Johnson (How excellent Starmer was no matter what the performance). Just like the election debates when anyone else watching saw different to the FMTTM board. Who is going to post it...…..