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    Can't beat a mushroom omelette (y)
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    Bamford scoring for fun in the premier league

    And looking back he hardly played him. I remember desperately hoping he'd try Bamford and Negredo as a front two but he never did.
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    Anyone else struggling to be bothered about this season.

    I'm feeling a real disconnect from Boro at the moment if I'm going to be honest. I've only seen one game so far this season and that was the Watford game. I'm really missing not being able to go to games. Obviously still hope we can do well this season. It would be amazing if we're back in the...
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    Knockaert could be available

    Think they'll want to keep him, even if it's just as a squad player.
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    Team for QPR

    He's been used more as a defensive midfieler since Warnock took over but we don't need him for that role now that we have Morsy. He doesn't offer enough for me as a box-to-box midfielder. Having better ball retention is fine but for me you need someone who drives forward with or without the...
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    Team for QPR

    Howson offers us very little in midfield - at least McNair offers us something in an attacking sense. I don't know why but for some reason Howson has always performed better for us playing either RB or CB.
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    Team for QPR

    ..........................Bettinelli........................ .......Howson....Hall....Djiksteel........ Spence.....................................Coulson ..................McNair....Morsy.................. ..............................Browne...
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    Was Saturday’s crowd experiment a wise decision

    If those who attended the game wore face coverings and socially distanced correctly then you would hope not. It looked good the way they had seated the fans.
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    B sides that were better than the A side

    Masterplan by Oasis, B-side to Wonderwall.
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    Dijksteel - Early prediction.

    I said before the start of the season that Djiksteel could be a big player for us this season. He's never looked like a RB to me and is looking much more comfortable in his new role. I also think Browne can do well for us this season if he's used in a more central role.
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    "One trick pony" bands

    The Ramones.
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    Leeds losing

    I remember fans were calling for Pulis to start him for the 2nd leg against Villa, for us to at least try something different. Instead Pulis just went with the same side and we went out with a whimper.
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    Will Paddy Bamford cut the mustard this he did......for us?

    In fairness, he picked up that injury in the home game vs Bristol City. Britt then came into the side and actually finished the season off well, hence why he kept his place for the play-offs. Britt was poor in the 1st leg game vs Villa though, so it was strange that Pulis didn't start Bamford in...
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    Warnock can’t rate Coulson

    Am I right in saying the only game Coulson has started in whilst Warnock's been here was Hull away, and he played on the wing? I've found it surprising really that he hasn't given him more opportunities. He's saying he doesn't see him as a left-back but he hasn't actually seen him playing in...
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    Clayton and Friend starting for BCFC

    You just knew once they went a goal up they were going to win. Some things never change.
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    Musical Guilty Pleasures You Don’t tell Too Many About

    Robbie Williams. Angels is one of my all time favourite songs.
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    Clayton and Friend starting for BCFC

    Looking forward to this.
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    I thought Spence had a good partnership with Roberts down the right. Roberts would come inside, dragging a defender with him which freed up space for Spence and often meant he was left 1-1 with his man.