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  1. BoroFur

    Frank Lampard's Chelsea

    Oh dear :eek:
  2. BoroFur

    Paloma Faith to play the Globe Theatre, Stockton in 2021

    First act named to play at the restored venue (y)
  3. BoroFur

    Tory MP 'forgets' to wear face covering on hour long train journey

    And criticises member of public for 'dobbing him in' despite Priti Patel urging people to do just that. "If the person had reminded me rather than taking a photo and posting it on social media I would of course have put on my mask then and there. I do apologise for my mistake."...
  4. BoroFur

    Covid: UK coronavirus alert level moving to 4

    I know for a long while we were at '4 transitioning to 3' but did we ever actually get down to 3?
  5. BoroFur

    The Chernukhins & The Tory Party

    Nothing to see here, move along. For balance: A Conservative Party spokesperson said: "There are people in this country of Russian origin who are British citizens and have the democratic right to donate to a political party. Many have been vocal...
  6. BoroFur

    Liverpool sign Jota for £40m plus!

    Where is all this money coming from? Same with Everton.
  7. BoroFur

    Chuba signs on

  8. BoroFur

    Donald Trump's tv watching obsession

    The guy is absolutely insane. There cannot be any other description of this behaviour.
  9. BoroFur

    Andy Preston forgets his face covering Mr Preston said it was right for people to remind him and others to wear a mask if they "momentarily forget", and said "if this encourages everyone to wear a mask that’s great".
  10. BoroFur

    Mejias news - anybody understand Romanian?
  11. BoroFur

    Port of Dover brought to a standstill

    By far right groups.
  12. BoroFur

    Gibson signs for Norwich - move on

  13. BoroFur

    Apparently it was a 'mutant algorithm'

    According to the big blond bullshitter. And civil servants are now carrying the can, not ministers.
  14. BoroFur

    'Democratic Football Lads' Alliance' thug from Boosbeck jailed

    Only two years. I wonder how 'hard' he's feeling now.
  15. BoroFur

    'Incompetence' is now this Tory Government's watchword

    Screeching u-turn after screeching u-turn. But Corbyn and Abbott eh.
  16. BoroFur

    Hamilton wins GB F1 GP on 3 wheels

    The irony of Max pitting to try for the fastest lap.
  17. BoroFur

    James Wharton - now a Life Peer!

    Tells you everything about this Tory government looking after it's own failures.
  18. BoroFur

    Rugby League WC 2021

    When do tickets for the Tonga vs Cook Islands clash go on sale?
  19. BoroFur

    Another Tory deviant covering himself in glory

    Rob Roberts this time.
  20. BoroFur

    Boris and his equine sexual preferences

    Another measure of the man himself.