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    Adult Social Care Directory, Professor Cummings says that routine testing in care homes to be delayed

    In a leaked memo the Times has hold of, professor Cummings has informed local authorities that routine testing in care homes is to be delayed until September, due to, I believe, supply problems. Once again the government have let down the most vulnerable in our society. After the criminal...
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    Defend the indefensible

    It's a bit boring on the board tonight, I find myself agreeing with everyone, whats going on? Come on Alvez_You_Are_Wrong_And_Iam_Right_48, you must have something I can fight about Bear give me 1,000,365 case studies based on non-anecdotal evidence I can argue with that proves masks stop...
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    DWP Judicial Review

    The family of Errol Graham have been granted permission for a judicial review on the practices of the DWP, and it is about time too. People should not be starving to death in the UK, should they? Link :
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    Well the pubs in our village are open again

    Just popped to our high street to get takeaway and the club and one of the bars are open. I assume serving "takeaway" only as folks are sitting at the tables outside.
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    Happy Fathers Day to all Dads

    Enjoy being the center of attention fella's
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    Anyone for a ZOOM meeting tomorrow whilst we cheer the mighty Boro on?

    I am happy to arrange this, not sure how well it will work, but we could have text chat active and our mics on. It may get very noisy and echoey though. Let me know if there is interest and I will set it up (assuming my wife doesn't have something else planned) Apparently Ikea is open again!
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    Kier Starmer

    Political ideology aside, Kier Starmer comes across as a really genuine bloke. I have watched him being interviewed and questioned live on air, by the public on LBC, I think. His twitter post this morning about Grenfel seemed to be very honest and from the heart. I know that it is common for...
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    Just Written to my MP Nadine Dorries

    I have just written to my local MP, Nadine Dorries. I am not really expecting a reply, but should I recieve one I will post it here. Good morning Ms Dorries, I write to you to place on record my disappointment in the government’s handling of Dominic Cummins ignoring of the lockdown rules...
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    One doctors view of the Thursday applause.

    I read this article this morning, and it is difficult not to agree with the man. He argues that the applause is essentially meaningless, doesn't help with clinical direction, nor the poor salaries at the grass roots of the NHS, nor the vilification of BAME staff. Link
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    China second wave?

    China announced over 1,000 deaths in the 24 hour period yesterday from a handful every day. Is this a possible second wave hitting China? I am dubious about their reporting due to press restrictions, however this sudden spike is difficult to explain, either as a second wave of infections or as a...
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    2nd world war v Corona

    In the second world war, the Uk lost 383,700 troops. At an average, over the war, of 191 per day. We also lost 67,200 civillians at an average of 33 per day. Those are some interesting stats. Johnson is no Churchill.
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    Governments daily press conference

    I have watched every press conference from Downing street for the last 2 weeks. Am I alone in being frustrated by the lack of answers to questions from journalists by whomever Johnson elects to stand in his stead? An example of this would be: How do you answer the accusations of lack of PPE...
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    Almost 300 dead in 2 days

    I hope and pray that the last 2 days reported mortality rates are an anomoly as the last 2 days figures, if they become the new base figures are frightening. We have jumped from 40-50 straight to over a hundred deaths per day. I do know that 2 days does not constitute a pattern, and as I said...