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    Game on tomorrow?

    Some pretty severe weather warnings in place around the country for tomorrow. Could be potential for the match the be postponed if it's as bad as the forecast. Probably more so due to the danger of travelling, rather than the state of the pitch.
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    Boro Celtic Highlights

    Just watched the highlights of the reserve game against Celtic - that Dembele looks to be some player for them. Might be the camera angle but it seemed like Shotton completely mistimed a tackle in the build up to their goal? It was almost calamitous so perhaps it was a camera trick. Also...
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    Team for Saturday

    Seen a few threads where people are commenting on the team they'd like against Luton, so I'll throw my thoughts in to the ring. One thing becoming a bit clearer is the fact that we now have some options (although they're not performing particularly brilliantly at the minute). I'd go with...
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    Djed Spence's New Contract

    Does anyone actually know how long Djed Spence's new contract runs for? The original MFC article said 2 and a half years, then changed to 3 and a half years, and the Gazette have ran a couple of stories since the change which still say 2 and a half years. Does anyone know for certain?