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    Can't say I'm impressed with this guy yet.
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    Bolton Wanderers

    I know we are going through hard times compared to the glory days of the Carling Cup win and our European adventures, but spare a thought for our opponents in the final....Bolton are 4th bottom of Division Two with no points (and no goals) to their name after the opening two games of the season...
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    NFL Fantasy Teams

    We missed a trick to have a FMTTM League, but what do your fantasy teams look like? I've got two this year, not happy at all with one draft but really pleased with the second one! KELCE'S GRANDMA: Matt RyanQB - ATL Ronald JonesRB - TB Jonathan TaylorRB - IND Tyreek HillWR - KC Calvin RidleyWR -...
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    What went on with Mendez-Laing at Cardiff??

    Seems to have been one of their best players so must have been a very serious transgression for them to terminate his contract so abruptly?
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    High Score - Netflix

    Anyone watching this series? I've seen the first two eps and really enjoyed it.
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    Goalscrounger's One Off Music Challenge!!!

    Just because! Songs that have spoken word intros....go!!! James - "God Only Knows"
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    2020 Levels Up On Me (Again)

    So I've literally spent the whole summer planning the almost impossible (safely opening a school of 650 kids aged 3-18 during a global pandemic). Today was supposed to be day one of staff induction (and I've spent most of last week on calls with nervous staff to reassure them) but I am still sat...
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    Other Teams' Classic Kits

    I had a wonderful book when I was a kid in the 1970s that had a page for each team with all their stats, but also a drawing of their home and away kit (definitely English and Scottish teams, but maybe international ones too??). I have no idea what the book was called, but if anyone has any idea...
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    Well, there's the last of my magazines gone...

    First it was Whizzer & Chips, then Football Handbook (anyone remember that?!), then Crash. Select and The Word followed later and now Q is going to the big newsagents in the sky too (not that it's been any good for a few years tbh)...
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    Apologies if there is already a thread on this show (I haven't seen one and the search facility didn't find one)...... Anyone else been watching this? One of the most complicated storylines I've ever seen in a TV series but compelling viewing (and amazing cinematography too). If you like...
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    Some interesting stats...

    .... to emphasise how poor we've been this season.
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    ....must be pooing themselves!! Would take two wins from Hull or Luton to overtake them, but that's not beyond the realms of possibility (especially as one game is Hull v Luton so a good chance of 3 points for one of those sides).
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    BBC 6Music

    I know many of us listen to this station, but I wonder if I am the only one who is getting a little fed up with it? Over the last 18 months the target demographic seems to have shifted somewhat and now so much of what is played just seems like wallpaper music to me. Add to the fact that DJs...
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    Boro Players and NASL

    Fresh from the discussion about the worst Boro team ever (seems 1982-83 is a popular choice) and talk of David Currie and Gary McDonald, it got me to thinking about two slightly earlier, similar strikers; Alan Willey and Billy Woof. While I can remember (and don't rate) Woof, I have no memories...
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    Covid-19 Variances Across The US

    Interesting website....
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    Sports Team - Deep Down Happy

    My album of the year so far I think, really enjoying it!
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    Real Madrid v Eibar

    Anyone watching? Kike up front for Eibar, but I'm more interested in trying to work out who the Geordie summarizer is on Bein Sports' coverage. Anyone know?
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    Streaming German Footy

    I'm now back in my Chicago apartment but whereas, in the past, I could piggyback on our cable TV account in DC to stream most sport via Fox Sport or ESPN's apps, we've now cancelled that account as we've all moved to the Windy City. Anyone got any recommendations for footy streams please...
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    This Article Is Wrong Isn't It? The article calculates the average league position of the remaining opponents. Boro's is 12.8. The article then goes on to say we have a tougher run in than Stoke (12.2)...
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    Goalscrounger's 30 Day Music Challenge Comedown Phase 3

    Ok, so I wasn't going to go as far back as the 60s but it seemed a popular theme so here we go...wrack your brains over the Bank Holiday weekend and get your favourite 60s song in here before Tuesday morning. Just a reminder......ONE TRACK ONLY to go on a premium Spotify playlist (impossible to...