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    Madness @ Albert park info ?

    Curfew at 10.30pm, what they like, must be good to headline???
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    Postecoglou to Spurs ?

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    Which band / bands have you seen the most?

    The Smiths at least 20 times, Crass at least 35 times, Echo and the Bunnymen about 15 times, Spear of Destiny/Theatre of hate about 15, and many other bands at least 10 times - including Poison Girls, The Damned, Southern Death Cult/Death Cult/The Cult, U2, Psychedelic Furs, The Redskins, And...
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    Boro players Social Media Blackout

    They've lost your details mate, you need to email all your contacts to MFC and they'll get the players to send their messages of thanks to you.
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    Arctic monkeys

    Woosh...I was referring to the excellent Arctic Monkeys EP of that name (well similar as this site won't allow swear words) that was released in 2006. If you haven't heard it, give it a listen.
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    Arctic monkeys

    Who the fug's Arctic Monkeys?
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    Buying the local snewspapers.

    Bloody idiot, total waste of money. If he wanted to buy it he could have got a subscription for £7.91/week. And that's delivered to his door!
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    State of this…

    Is that the same Man Utd that's inside Michael Carrick? Or is this just your vitriol and dislike of Man Utd leaking out?
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    State of this…

    When NZ played Peru in a world cup eliminator in 2017 the fans bombarded the All Whites' hotel room throughout the night with fireworks and then, for some strange reason, three military jets conducted a spectacular low flying swoop over the team hotel in Lima. Either the Peruvian air force...
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    why would you be prosecuted???
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    Coventry are $hit

    couldn't have finished 5th if they were. BUT the big thing from today's game for me was that McNair was immense. It got me thinking to all those board expert chicken lickens a few weeks ago saying he was carp, should never play for us again, that he's shot, he's useless etc etc. Haven't seen any...
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    It's official: Pelé is exceptional

    Or a Chuba, no wait, that could be misconstrued for something else!!!
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    It's official: Pelé is exceptional

    Or a Carrick - somebody who greatly exceeds expectations while maintaining a calm demeanour?
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    It's official: Pelé is exceptional

    In light of this I wonder what football adjectives we could have to describe things in the UK? Gestade - to describe somebody who steals a living? SAO PAULO (AP) — A Brazilian dictionary has added “Pelé” as an adjective to use when describing someone who is “exceptional, incomparable...
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    The Middlesbrough HAKA. Who knew such a thing existed

    Indeed, plenty of Teesside connections here (apart from the 3 regualrs on here). If you go to Hamilton there's a suburb called Fairfield, a Norton Rd, and a suburb called Dinsdale . That's a good haka that, I might brush up on it. I've got a few good mates here that I watch sport with and when...
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    What vinyl have you bought recently / dusting off for a play?

    My last Sunday cleaning the house selection (yes it took me bloody hours)
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    Your 2nd favourite teams (UK and overseas)

    Wellington Phoenix, the NZ team in the Australian A League are the only other professional team I take an interest in
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    Carrick's post-match interview

    adaway Col, you'll be crying with joy as you walk her down the aisle...and even though I've never met you or your daughter, I'd be expecting an invitation to act as the guard of honour for the great man (along with about 30,000 other Boro fans).
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    What's the greatest thing you've ever done?

    Staying alive till now. Never expected to live this long when I was a lad. Mind you I did a few things to help me along the way in those days, so getting this far is a HUGE achievement.