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  1. Konrad_the_Barbarian

    On Line Ticket System ......FFS

    I don't have any linked accounts so it wasn't that. Any way I tried again and went to clear the ticket in my basket so I could start over and ... hey presto, the "buy ticket" button was on so I'm sorted now.
  2. Konrad_the_Barbarian

    On Line Ticket System ......FFS

    Trying to buy a ticket for the home leg and it keeps telling me I've exceeded the "1" ticket I'm allowed to buy when I haven't. I've cleared everything logged out and back in several times and it still comes up with the same message when there is clearly only one ticket in my basket. And the...
  3. Konrad_the_Barbarian

    Still on the naughty step :cool:

    Still on the naughty step :cool:
  4. Konrad_the_Barbarian

    We are short priced favourites to go up!

    Hope you're right but Sunderland have the bit between their teeth now. They'll be buzzing having made it over the line they way things worked out yesterday and will be a very difficult side. Young players playing without fear and on a roll plus an experienced and tactically astute manager...
  5. Konrad_the_Barbarian

    We are short priced favourites to go up!

    Form is so important going into the playoffs and we have the worst form of the 4 teams. We may have the better team but the best team doesn't usually win the play offs it is the one in the best form. All this tinkering with the team , resting players etc has left us looking flat and not the...
  6. Konrad_the_Barbarian

    Brussels advice This place. Over 2000 beers and music on Thursday & Sunday nights (or they used to)
  7. Konrad_the_Barbarian

    Military movie recommendation

    We Were Soldiers. Great Vietnam War film
  8. Konrad_the_Barbarian

    Let's get the Swansea tickets on Sale

    The Kingsway used to be the place when I was working down there. Great memories of Harpers Night Club and Jumping Jaks. Also Cinderellas up the Mumbles. Happy days.
  9. Konrad_the_Barbarian

    Fellow Metalheads

    Some good recommendations on this show: I discovered lots of new prog from Sea of Tranquility on You Tube
  10. Konrad_the_Barbarian

    Naughty Step

    Me too :love:...... I promise not to post when I'm pi$$ed anymore 🤣🤣🤣 Christmas amnesty (y) you know it makes sense. You're supposed to support and promote diversity.
  11. Konrad_the_Barbarian

    Your favourite Christmas films

    Planes Trains & Automobiles is NOT a Christmas film. It isn't. They are travelling home for Thanksgiving, not Christmas.
  12. Konrad_the_Barbarian

    What are the best crisps?

    I don't get Kettle crisps either. They're like the floor sweepings from the Walkers factory These on the other hand are/were magnificent but unfortunately now discontinued :cry:
  13. Konrad_the_Barbarian

    Visiting Krakow..

    An excellent idea. I'd also add that I don't think these front line countries like Poland and Hungary, who are doing so much, would want you to stay away. Tourism is a way of showing support for them. Although I fully understand your personal feelings.
  14. Konrad_the_Barbarian

    How much do you do for charity?

    I don't want to boast but I give ........ fcuk all to the sponging cnts .......:)
  15. Konrad_the_Barbarian

    Connolly not taking a penalty

    I'm glad he didn't. I'm pretty sure he would have missed and that wouldn't have helped his confidence...... if that's the problem. I watch the warm ups at the home games and in both game he's played he's never hit the target once when they're taking shots at the keeper. High or wide every time...
  16. Konrad_the_Barbarian

    Areola makes a tìt of himself

    So are Plymouth :love::love::love::love::love::love::love:
  17. Konrad_the_Barbarian

    Happy birthday Ronaldo…

  18. Konrad_the_Barbarian

    Forget about the Hand of God
  19. Konrad_the_Barbarian

    Yep Dixon & the other bloke were right

    The hand of smog