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    Stockton Town

    In the Final Saturday. Well done.
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    Darlington United

    It has probably been explained somewhere before but how did the Football team, with crowds of 2,500, struggle to pay the bills and upkeep at the stadium, yet the rugby team, with a couple of hundred followers, can afford to play there?
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    MFC Foundation Boro Memorabilia Exhibition Today

    Would have loved to attend and support this exhibition. Hopefully it will be put on in other places too. Unfortunately I once had such an unpleasant experience dealing with that JR business and the management that I could never go near or recommend that place to anyone. Hopefully the fantastic...
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    Best ever away fans at the Riverside?

    Best ever? Banik Ostrava. And it’s not even close.
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    How do we counter a high press

    Completely agree with this. It was just a tough game against a side in form, and in Smallbone, had a player who bossed the game. No need for huge inquest. Just too many players below par. Archer had by far his poorest game for us and just couldn’t get on the ball. A shame as prior to kick off I...
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    Premier League monopoly

    I have this one too. No-one is allowed to play as the Premier League trophy. That’s what you get if you win.
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    Mackem Delusion

    I always say this to one of my best mates who is a Mackem. They always overrate their players when they are doing well but turn on them quickly when results start drifting. They have only seen poor players in their lifetimes and think people like Julio Arca and Allan ‘Magic’ Johnston were...
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    Anyone else see what just flew over Stockton & Thornaby?

    Why is an EasyJet airbus doing laps of Fairfield,taking off and landing on repeat from Teesside?
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    Greatest boro goal ever?

    Mark Viduka v Birmingham away 2005/2006 I think. Unpopular opinion - never impressed with the John Hendrie goal v Millwall. Only goes past one tackle as most of the team run away from him.
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    Mexico GP

    Possibly the poorest race of the season. It was like watching a Monaco race.
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    Best goal scored against boro

    Same. Thunderbolt
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    Tonga v cook islands at riverside

    I hope it does well but at almost £50 for myself and my 8 year old for a game between two unfancied teams, I am giving it a miss. I can’t see anything more than a gate of between 5k-8k and an empty stadium to be honest.
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    Rafa Benetiz or Marcelo Bielsa

    Need an experienced manager but would either of these even consider coming?
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    Ever been in the away end?

    Twice I have been in the home end when Boro have played away and both times for my sins I’ve been rewarded with Boro conceding last minute goals and the home support going wild while I made my way angrily out of the stadium. The first time was accidental as my wife was told she could have...
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    Propose a Tav replacement

    I would push the boat out for Ovie Ejaria and Yakou Meite at Reading. Far too good to be playing for them this season.
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    Subscribe To Fly Me To The Moon 2022-23

    Completely kept forgetting to do this. Signed up for another season, and long may it continue. 👍
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    F1 sprint races

    Absolutely pointless. Just a tool for the top teams to work their way back up the order in time for the race if they happen to have a bad qualifying.
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    Some easily pleased people. Bola has never been good at this level. I always say “what is he actually good at? Can he tackle? Not really. Is he great going forward? No. Has he got a great cross? No. Has he any outstanding physical attributes? No, he is not particularly quick or strong, and he...
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    Patrick Roberts.

    Fair play to Sunderland. The 4-prong forward line of Jack Clarke, Alex Pritchard, Patrick Roberts, and Ross Stewart was possibly the best forward line except Fulham and Bournemouth’s outside of the Premier League last season. They should have walked that league. Roberts and Clarke would...
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    David McGoldrick on a free?

    Always thought he was a poor player. Played v the Boro many times and never stood out. Squad player or not I can’t see how he improves the team if he joins.would be a waste of wages.