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    Definitely need that in midfield as howson ages. Who's our leader? There's not an obvious stand out full of character. Lenihan at a push
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    Well done Coventry

    He absolutely caused havoc to both McNair and lenihan, from very little.
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    Archer and McGree

    That's the thing. Too small to hold it up and brink other into play like gyokores so needed help or alternative when plan a isn't working He was an absolute menace, making himself a threat from any ball in his direction
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    New Carrick Song? I feel fine!

    Oh Carrick said I've always wanted to be a red Being Boro is so fine With woody by my side Chuba apkoms mine Scoring goal number 29 Thats why we sing this song For the Boro all night long Easy 👍
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    Anxiety re play offs

    Driving to the friggin airport at 12 on Sunday. Can't cope.
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    Dan Barlaser

    Might sound strange but I always feel you need your central midfielders to have that bit of character or edge. To grab hold off a game, to get a bit peeved off and kick start a team performance off. It's a hugely influential area of the pitch and he's just a bit too timid and on the edges for...
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    Controversial but we have a team now of genuinely intelligent footballers. I dont think he fits into this style/team at all. Impact sub maybe, odd game, maybe. Entertaining? To a point. But I'd much prefer a Ramsey, a downing, even a James Morrison type. Not as athletic, but all more...
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    Premier League Squad - The Alternatives

    I championed Antonio Valencia before Wigan stepped in and more recently ziyech straight from Ajax when we were promoted
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    Good stuff in second half defensively and in general he is ok but he makes us less fluid as a team in possession for me. Receives the ball and then proceeds to turn his back to the play almost instantly and inevitably ends up back at Steffen. For me he doesn't suit how Carrick wants us to play...
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    * The Original Unofficial "Official" Boro v Norwich Match-Day Thread *

    Mowatts done well since he came on. Obviously lost a bit of pace since Ramsey went off but Hackney's stepped up with some clever passing. Will try not to be negative regarding McNair but I don't think he suits how Carrick plays. Almost runs away from play with the ball at his feet, which sends...
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    Carrick Annoyed......

    Go back and look at how many he's created. .. And yes, "created". Draws out players, pops in a pass to a tight area, we spin out and suddenly we are onto their back line in 2/3 passes and have a great chance. Staggered. The reward far outweighs the risk. It's why the best teams do it. And...
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    Part timers

    Actually admire how he handled it. Turned and tried to kind of gee the fans up at half time when I think in reality he was thinking "stop whinging and pressuring me you f-in idiots" Takes a lot to continue playing like that when half the stadium are on at you to lump it aimlessly upfield or...
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    Part timers

    I realise I'm actual classed as a part timer these days ha.
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    Part timers

    I had a season ticket for 30 years up until 3 years ago when I couldn't go regularly. Still watch every game on ifolliw but don't go in-person. First time since then I took my youngest to first game tonight. In disbelief at the abuse Steffen was getting when we've all seen the benefits of...
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    Does anybody Day trade for a living?

    I initially swing traded, daily time frame an hour a night. Posted 3-5% a month for a year and was managing a few hundred k of investment on a site called Darwinex. This was a few years ago. Two kids came along and my consistency/routine went out the window and I have hit a bit of a slump...
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    Ex player transfer scenario

    Tav. We play lovely football and move the ball well, don't see how traore compliments that, think he would disrupt our style/rhythm/team ethos. Can't believe bamford is nearly 30!
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    The Steffen conundrum

    Crooks came on last night and he instantly started pinging them to his head for the flick. Before that spent time drawing them out, he does that, two players from his pass play a forward pass and take a risk and the whole pitch is wide open and we are on the edge of their box. Risk is worth the...
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    Hackney and Archer Link Up

    Hayden hackney the teesside xavi
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    The front 3 wow

    Forgot we even had Ramsey when he stood on the sideline tonight. Suddenly ridiculous options and strength. Barlaser waiting patiently.
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    Boro 11th in form table

    Sunderland are right up with us 2. Seen a lot of premature talk that the playoffs are a given. Could very easily drop out, could go either way very easily. Hopefully this great form continues.