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    Carrick - Big Game Bottler

    Don’t feed the troll kids!
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    Why would a club give any information away to the opposition about injuries. Keep our cards close to our chest. Hope at least Howson will be fit but we’ll see.
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    Play Off Confidence

    Confident, a great chance of going up 👍
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    * The Original Unofficial "Official" Boro v Luton Match-Day Thread *

    Giles poor? He could have had 3 assists with better finishing. Strange observation.
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    Houchen in Doha
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    Private Eye delivers the beginner's guide to Houchens Teesworks:

    You happen to own a plant machinery leasing company by any chance 😜
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    Is Brexit a major cause of the current food shortgages in the UK?

    In Spain now, no shortages here.
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    Energy tariff with octopus - save 20-30% vs price cap rates

    I don’t doubt it’s genuine, just strange as I got added no problem. Maybe to discourage new customers.
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    Energy tariff with octopus - save 20-30% vs price cap rates

    Strange I joined last week and got added to the tracker yesterday.
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    "Independent" NHS Pay Review Body

    Absolutely this, same in teaching and other public sector jobs. Just another way for the rich (shareholders) to drain the taxpayer. Pay a decent wage and you would save more on agencies (though where’s the profit in that).
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    The end?

    A lot of this could change significantly if the Republicans take both houses next week. The support / funding from the West could look very different.
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    Lull in the new manager interest

    Private jet just landed at Teesside from Bilboa 🤔
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    The end?

    I know the cheeky b****d leading his country in a fight against armed invaders raping and committing mass murder. He really is the worst.
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    The end?

    The only actor who can stop the slaughter is Russia. Hopefully they do.
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    Diesel Emissions Claims

    Similar, I had a ‘60 Seat Ibiza. I bought it second hand 3 years old from a garage in Wallsend. I was with S&G and also got 1,700. VW settled May/June. It did not have to be from a main dealer just as long as purchased it before a certain date.
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    Marcus Tavernier

    I just miss him.
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    Anonymous Poll Re Ukraine

    Right Wing Press Cup R3 (AXA) Ukraine v High Gas Prices Veterans v Asylum Seekers Pick your side kids.
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    Incredible! Johnson announced 54m more to Ukraine yet…

    No we can, and should do both.
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    So, what does the American media make of Boro and our new Keeper?

    No idea how I’ve missed this all these years.
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    Chris Wilder Press Conference

    14 clubs in the Championship have made less signings than we have. Can we stop pretending we are the only club struggling to close deals.