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    How ambitious is Steve Gibson?(Episode 2).

    I think recent seasons have proven money is not everything anymore. Recruitment is. Luton Tom Lockyer has been a stand out player this season : ~£1m from Charlton. Carlton Morris, 20+ goal a season striker - £2m from Barnsley. Coventry Gyökeres has scored 20+ 2 seasons in a row - £1.2m from...
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    How the squad remains - Who Leaves?

    Just my opinion... but Fry's missed his chance of a big PL move. There's too many English CBs around the same age (or slightly younger) who are better than him... Fikayo Tomori, Joe Worrell, Enzi Konsa, Ben Godfrey, Marc Guehi, Trevoh Chalobah, Lloyd Kelly. ... and too many younger than him...
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    Rebuild for next season

    There's a few out of contract players I'd take a look at... If we're unable to re-sign Ryan Giles - Jay Dasilva from Bristol, only 25, former England U21. We probably have enough in CB if Matt Clarke comes back, but Jan Paul van Hecke from Brighton, still only 22, has partnered Lenihan before...
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    Name 1 signing this summer*

    Jay Dasilva - Leaving Bristol on a free - 25 year old left back - Former England u21
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    Luton Hoof Ball

    They had two strikers, Adebayo (6'4) and Morris (6'2), up against two centre backs... Hume (5'9) and O'Nien (5'9)... If I was a Luton fan, I'd be pretty disappointed if we didn't at least try some hoof ball.
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    Shame about Howson, but I'm pretty happy with that
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    Your team for tomorrow

    Controversial, but.... Steffan Smith McNair Lenihan Giles Howson Hackney McGree Akpom Bola Archer I think we need the Howson/Hackney partnership back - and although Jones is amazing going forward, I think he leaves too much of a gap which can be too easily exploited. so even though this...
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    Fly Me around the world

    Unfortunately, I think it's Poo Ket.
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    Faro Portugal Recommendations?

    I'd go with a taxi over a train. More expensive but the train stations are much further inland... so you'd probably need a taxi to the beach towns from the stations anyway.
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    Faro Portugal Recommendations?

    I agree with this. I went to Vilamoura last year - loved it. Walked along the Quarteira front too - found a few bars doing pints for 1.50 euro, and it isn't as touristy as Albufeira.
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    Tommy Smith

    I knew Boro fans had short memories but dear me.... Smith has played every single minute under Carrick until the last 2 games, and he's been a massive part of some of the best football most of us have ever seen us play... I like Dijksteel, but a couple of good forward runs in 135 minutes of...
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    Bale to Wrexham

    It's crazy how good at marketing Wrexham have suddenly become. Every football forum up and down the country discussing a transfer that's never going to happen.
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    Imagine Tav in this Carrick team :love:
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    Bale to Wrexham

    Surely that's against FFP? It would have to be something along the lines of image rights / % of shirt sales / off-pitch motivation
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    Inflatable seagull 99p

    I really didn't want to play Sunderland in the final at Wembley... ...but with the possibility of a few thousand inflatable seagulls, I've changed my mind.
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    Blackburn, Millwall, Sunderland, Coventry.

    All just my opinions, but... Luton to finish 3rd with 84 points. Boro to finish 4th with 77. I think Coventry beat us, and then beat Rotherham away to finish 5th on 72 points. Sunderland have Watford at home (Mowbray vs. Wilder) and then Preston away - I think they get 4 points from those two...
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    Team for Rotherham

    He was, but he's been playing mostly as a CB for the U21s recently.
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    Team for Rotherham

    I usually don't like when teams play kids for the final games when they have nothing to play for - but we're 1 or 2 injuries away from having an issue going into the playoffs in my opinion. Steffan Dijksteel Howson Lenihan Bilongo Mowatt Stott Jones Crooks Bola Muniz
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    Wilders Watford Meltdown

    "I’ve never stopped individuals doing creative aspects for the team at the top of the pitch. Our goal summed that up." - Players being creative and it working - Wilder's genius. "“Then all of a sudden everybody wants to flick it and do their own thing. People are playing out of position...
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    Nearly Managed Middlesbrough..

    Michael Reiziger Before we appointed Woodgate we had loads of managers in the frame.... We interviewed Michael Reiziger and Slavisa Jokanovic. Maybe Danny Cowley (and his brother?) too?