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    New Boro Kit Date

    ‘Bring back the white band !!!!!!’ ‘We always do well when we wear a white band’ Etc etc ad infinitum
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    Eamonn Holmes vs Phillip Schofield...

    we don't want him here thank you very much
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    Mick Kennedy Remembered - Tackle This

    Ha yes, I remeber an article a while back of David Ellery refereeing the Leeds v Chelsea cup final replay - think he gave out 10 reds and 22 yellows or something. On the day there was 1 yellow.
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    Mick Kennedy Remembered - Tackle This

    Had his demons bless him, but a great midfielder - some of the steel we are missing now maybe?
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    Rolf Harris Dead Aged 93

    My better half worked at Stoke Mandaville before we came over here, was there for 4 years. It was always suspected but never proved and given his power you just could not say anything then (mid noughties). She encountered him a few times in lifts and along a very long walk (about a mile)...
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    Tina Turner RIP

    Came on the radio over here as breaking news about 2 hours ago - was the top story so shows how much it means. They mentioned that she never made it huge in the States until she had made it in the UK, Europe and over here & Oz, then the US 'got' her.
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    Boris Johnson referred to Police over additional rule breaking

    Photo's or it didn't happen!!!!
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    They could never make Yes Minister today - sunak

    Mmmmmmmmmm, luckily I don't do much social media (this I suppose & also messenger for close friends and family) but some of the responses there are not very polite. It is a right cesspit of opinion isnt it.
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    Satans Slaves Motorcycle Club

    I would say that some, not all, of the biker gangs we have here have more than a little dark in them and operate outside of society. They were on the wane in the late 90s early naughtiest but with the rise of more poverty they have given a lot of teen wagers from extremely poor homes /no homes...
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    Satans Slaves Motorcycle Club

    Quite a problem with biker gangs here. We gave a fair few. Whilst also doing charity rides they are heavily into criminality and run a lot if the drugs in New Zealand. They have their gang areas and houses, so at least the police know where they are. However, recently the ockers have been...
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    How long does the disappointment last?

    Until the next one tbh.
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    Most gutted you have ever been as a Boro fan

    Orient - FA Cup quarter final
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    Well done Coventry

    Yes well done Coventry. I'm confident we will be there or there abouts next season for automatics. We need a good pre season in the transfer market. I'm sure Carricm will have a list of players he wants and who he wants to retain. He'll have learnt a lot from this, first season as manager...
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    * The Unofficial "Official" Boro v Coventry Semi-Final 2nd leg. Match Day Thread *

    Reminds me of our last play off games v AV. Same scores too.
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    * The Unofficial "Official" Boro v Coventry Semi-Final 2nd leg. Match Day Thread *

    Both sides have done well to get where they are given how we started the season. Looks like Cov have done a Karanka on us, up to us to try and break them down. Was always going to be a worry, but if we don't get through this time then we learn and move on and look forward to next year. I'm...
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    Knowing the names of the Boro backroom staff when you were a kid

    Worked in Dolland and Aitchison for a year in the late 80s. Shep, Jack Hatfield and Frank Spraggon all came to us for their glasses. The boss new I was a big Boro fan and always let me serve them and measure them up for glasses so we could have long chats
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    8 years ago today

    well for us, might be a day too early for you lot. GOAL Albert Adomah Middlesbrough 3-0 Brentford (agg 5-1) Posted at 78 mins Game, set and match Boro. Albert Adomah finishes off a great team move, which started just outside their own penalty area. He plays a neat one-two in the box with Lee...
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    * Bradford City v Carlisle Utd. EFL Lg 2 Play - Off [Sunday] *

    Love the lower league stuff, far more interesting than the Prem. And, Bradfords strip always reminds me of Melchester Rovers.
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    Reclining your seat on a flight?

    Ah right, sorry, thought it was a flight from here. Tbh though, the seats are designed to recline