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  1. BigAl76

    Leeds we go

    Yes, it probably is. Most boro fans were cringing when that interview came out to be fair.
  2. BigAl76

    Leeds we go

    To start this thread...... I bought a brand new 72" ULED TV screen to watch the premiership next season. But when I opened the box there were no Leeds. Leeds fans calling in to Talk Sport at the weekend. Talking about the way forward for them. "I think we re-build and go straight back up. All...
  3. BigAl76

    Chubas latest post on his socials

    Knowing Chuba as well as I do...(I dont know him at all), there is no way he would post anything that would explicitly suggest he's leaving with no official word primarily from the club. I think you're reading too much into this Sãu.
  4. BigAl76


    I've used this one when we had them near our front door. They also started to find their way into our dining room. Marching around in their perfect little lines, all clever n that. This got rid of them in a few days though. Put it where they are most prevelent and the workers will unwittingly...
  5. BigAl76

    Ivan Toney

  6. BigAl76

    Ivan Toney

    That is the worst kind of betting isnt it. A bet that you can directly influence. I get why players cant bet on other football games....inside knowledge etc....but betting on yourself to loose...! That brings the game into disrepute massively and I cant understand why he hasnt been given a...
  7. BigAl76

    We must keep Chuba. (#KEEPCHUBA).

    Its frustrating for us fans to be in the dark about whether or not your best player is going to sign an improved deal or leave, but negotiations have probably been going on for a few months now. Negotiations that are based around what league we are in next season with a set of scenarios and...
  8. BigAl76

    Usyk to have a better heavyweight resume than fury

    The 1 Million donation to Ukraine was unfair I think. You get into the realms of politics if you accept that condition. Regardless of the merits of such a donation and any perceived morality (or lack thereof) on the part of Fury for not agreeing to it, that was an unfair clause. Agree about...
  9. BigAl76

    Chelsea might finish 10 places above us

    I have nothing personal against the club, but the fans. Horrible. Racist, entitled, delusional, egregious....i could go on.
  10. BigAl76

    Adam Clayton

    Met the players in a bar in darlington a few years ago and was talking to gorgeous george and ryan shotton. both were very engaging and the conversation was free flowing and very pleasant. (it was international break but Woodgate had the lads training rather than going on holiday for a few...
  11. BigAl76

    Chat GPT

    I said to a friend about 4 years ago that the next 'big breakthrough' in technology would be AI. We were talking about how drastically and fast technology has developed in our lifetime. (I'm 46). However, I was thinking of AI in terms of virtual and augmented reality. I've had a play around...
  12. BigAl76

    New Carrick Song? I feel fine!

    I remember being in the holgate and singing to "lennie Lawrence's Red n white army" and it went on for fooking ages. My brother and I still talk about that to this day. After a good 5 minutes the "OOH AAH"'s started and by the end of the song it was just a load of holgatians singing "OOH AAH"...
  13. BigAl76

    How do you think the match will go - another cagey affair or more open?

    What a ridiculous prediction. I can only see 4 minutes injury time.
  14. BigAl76

    Come on boro

    Wowsers Never heard of anyone making sure they didn't miss a football game by, just - retiring! 😆
  15. BigAl76

    I might cry tonight..

    I've only ever cried once at a football game, and that was when we scored or 2nd goal at cardif. I'll have junior smoggy with me as always tonight, and I fear his emotions will get the better of him if we don't win. If that's the case I don't want to be on the outro of sky's coverage cuddling...
  16. BigAl76

    Today at work

    The morning had gone quickly for me. Very busy with work which helps but my mind is never too far away from tonight's challenge.
  17. BigAl76

    We have some new fans this morning 😂😂

    They shag chins apparently... 🤷🏼
  18. BigAl76

    Electric Atmosphere at Riverside

    This is going to be special.
  19. BigAl76

    Coventry far from a forgone conclusion

    If we don't win tomorrow night and get knocked out, I actually won't be too upset. I love the championship and love playing and dominating in it. However, if Sunderland get to the final, we MUST get there ourselves to stop them going up.
  20. BigAl76

    "Would this team beat the Mags?" - Blunderland forum

    I think in full fairness, Blunderland was the perfect job for him. He spoke passionately about missing out on his kids lives and his family when he was in the final throws of his Blackburn tenure. He still lives in Middlesbrough so having a job at a (bites tongue) - decent championship team...