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    Steffen: Keep or Dump?

    If we compare to our last No.1s (Lumley and Bettinelli) Then surely people can see how difficult is to get a keeper with the quality of Steffan
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    Tommy Smith

    I’ve consistently thought he’s poor He didn’t cost us in the play offs but I think having AD is a much better option at RB
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    Josh Coburn Interview

    This is a brilliant idea!!
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    Why Mowatt?

    Mowatt is such a good player So tidy on the ball and positive passing
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    Tommy Smith

    Giles is worth the liability in defence in terms of what he offers going forward This does not apply for Smith though
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    Tommy Smith

    Smith is an absolute liability, the free kick he gives away that they should score from is criminal, gets humiliated twice Every team we come against targets that side The first goal he’s out of position, lunges in and misses the tackle Second goal he’s all over the place and is very...
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    Tommy Smith

    Who wants to make excuses for Smith today?
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    Tommy Smith

    How many fouls did Smith give away last night How many times did he lunge in and put us at risk Smith has been poor for a career, not just two games
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    Tommy Smith

    Smith again awful 3 mistakes in the first 12 minutes
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    Tommy Smith

    I don’t think he’s had an abysmal season at all I just don’t think he is good enough for us and it’s an area we need to improve if we are in the prem or we want to get promoted next season Some very emotional people in this thread!
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    Tommy Smith

    Off the top of my head goals we have conceded this season that Smith is to blame for Wigan at home Birmingham away
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    Tommy Smith

    Watching the goals we conceded yesterday Smith makes mistakes in 2nd 3rd and 4th goals…
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    Tommy Smith

    Madness that fans can’t see areas that need improving upon and wanting more Smith is the same category as Watmore, free, no risk, does Ok but if we want success we need better
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    Tommy Smith

    Hoever at Stoke would be a huge improvement on him Defensively gets caught out all the time and terrible on the ball Watch back at goals we have conceded and see how many times they come from our right Smith was available on a free for a long time this summer because he wasn’t wanted He’s...
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    Tommy Smith

    Is not good enough No matter what division we are in next season we need to improve at RB
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    How much has Ryan Giles' valuation increased this year?

    Villa didn’t allow any potential purchase clause in the loan for Archer so not sure where you get that they were ready to sell in Jan…
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    * The Original Unofficial "Official" Boro v West Brom. Match-Day Thread *

    Smith and Howson have been terrible!
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    Who would we keep in this squad in the prem…

    Not a chance is Smith good enough to be playing in the Prem GK, RB, CM, LW, CF are key positions to improve if we go up That will cost around £50M to bring in the required quality
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    Billal Brahimi

    Would love to see us make more signings like this! Brilliant scouting
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    Hayden Coulson signs new contract to 2025

    I’m very surprised at this I wonder how Carrick will seeing him fitting in A Giles replacement?