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  1. Andy_W

    Championship 2023/24 Predictions

    Southgate doesn't rate him as highly as the other options for England (like myself), that's why, which probably means he's not as good as those options etc, yet quite a few seem to talk about him like he is. He plays the same position as Forss and Ramsay, they're not really "midfielders". I'd...
  2. Andy_W

    Championship 2023/24 Predictions

    Yeah, of course it is. He's done ok, but I still think he's overrated. He's a winger, with little defensive responsibility and they only play 1 up front, so the wingers and no 10 are expected to get goals (like ours, same formation), the same way that Tielemans and Maddison were meant to all...
  3. Andy_W

    admin fees for car insurance

    Admin fee probably covers the fixed yearly costs for marketing, website, administration costs etc. It's probably not really charged for the first year, as some of the cheaper insurance companies probably waive most of it to secure business, in the hope you will stay on with them for the...
  4. Andy_W

    Championship 2023/24 Predictions

    Soyuncu's had injury bother though hasn't he, and hasn't played much, but Smith got him back in the fold, so he may stay due to that (if Smith stays), but we'll see. Barnes is good, but I don't think he is as good as people say (and at 25 is as good as he's probably goign to get), and can't...
  5. Andy_W

    Jay Dasilva signs..

    I'm not, he looked like a poor mans Djed Spence, and I didn't particularly rate him that high either. Norton-Cuffy just never seems to be in control with the ball, or know where he's going, from what I've seen. He is only 19 though, but I would hope we can attract better, and we do need...
  6. Andy_W

    Championship 2023/24 Predictions

    I don't think Southampton's squad is good enough now to win the Championship, or get in the Auto Promotion spots, and it's probably going to get a lot worse for them. Leed's are one or two players (who they will lose) away from being below that level too, and even more so if Bamford keeps...
  7. Andy_W

    On a street in South London this morning ...

    Looks like these have all been done with AI, brilliant :LOL:
  8. Andy_W

    Lowcocks soda

    Pretty sure they used to sell sasparilla too, I used to love that stuff, but think I was the only one int he world who did.
  9. Andy_W

    Sol Brynn

    City only paid £7m for him, and it didn't really work out as they hoped, so they would probably take less, they might even write it off if it got rid of the wages, as he's clearly never going to get a look in there. He's got two years left on his 80k deal, which we obviously can't match but...
  10. Andy_W

    Coffee Advice

    I like that Hot Lava Java (y)
  11. Andy_W

    Coffee Advice

    Yeah, I need to get back into it and will do once I worked my way through the last of this 1kg of cheap beans I got, for when the builders were working on the house :LOL: No way was I dishing out Rave every day :LOL:
  12. Andy_W

    Coffee Advice

    Yeah, I figured that, but when tamped it's actually below the suggested tamping line, by quite some way :unsure: Also when I put less in it ends up like a watery puck, or sticks to the basket when I try to tap it out. Knocking out a good puck is quite satisfying, once of my favourite parts of...
  13. Andy_W

    Energy tariff with octopus - save 20-30% vs price cap rates

    I used your referral btw, it might have come up as Chris. Seem to be doing alright with the Agile tariff too, averaging around 12p per kWh. I've not really tried to stop use from 4pm to 7pm, but have stopped my car from charging during those times, and put a ban on the washer/ dryer between...
  14. Andy_W


    I don't actaully think ALF was an anteater, but he often got confused for one, so that might work?
  15. Andy_W

    Usyk to have a better heavyweight resume than fury

    It's not the 40's though, that's not going to happen ever again. Obviously, 20 fights bring around a hell of a lot of personal sponsorship too, which probably doubles that. 20 fights at a 10m purse (which is low) @ 50/50 is £100m, double that for sponsorship and that's ~£200m, is that not...
  16. Andy_W

    Coffee Advice

    The espresso game is tough, as is the Americano too I suppose, but very rewarding when you get it right. I'm not sure I can tell the difference between sour/ acidic and bitter (when it comes to espresso), which really does not help me adjust things, considering they're on opposite ends of the...
  17. Andy_W

    Coffee Advice

    I was using different blends, but to be fair that was when I first got the machine and I didn't have a clue what I was doing, although I thought I did :LOL: The pro is great, but the main thing which ***** me off is that the puck gets stuck to the roof of the machine 90% of the time when I...
  18. Andy_W

    Coffee Advice

    I have the barista pro and the grinder is really good on that, as far as I can tell.
  19. Andy_W

    Usyk to have a better heavyweight resume than fury

    Thing is the reigning champion would have got a 50% split from when he won too. Overall the biggest fighters and champions would still get a massive majority of the money, but it just completely cuts out the "negotiation" which is clearly used as a too to doge fights, and they all do it. Sure...
  20. Andy_W


    Haha, yeah, there is that. I think most of our downfall was bad luck early on mind, and Chuba getting injured after looking very promising. Happy enough with the squad and setup now mind, we just need to cut out the daft transfer/ contract mistakes, hopefully we're learning.