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    Ely crash deaths

    I am not for one minute saying that these boys should have been killed, let alone hurt, but the case reminded me of a situation which I almost found myself in when I nearly killed a 16 year old. I was dropping my mother in law off on a dark evening and was within a Rizla's width of a head on...
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    Anyone Read Alan Shearers Letter To Eddie Howe?

    I can just imagine Roy Keane putting pen to paper like this if Man Utd win a trophy next season.
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    Chat GPT

    I've been playing around with it for work. It can offer some assistance, but it's the prompt of the person using it which generates the best responses. A little bit like when you first use a calculator at school. It doesn't actually get the answer for you as you still need to get the input correct.
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    If Leeds don’t win today are they down

    I thought Leeds might have enough to scrape a win against Spurs given their recent struggles, but that looks unlikely given their woefully uncomposed forays forward in the second half today. They were making chances but finished with the style and aplomb of people who've just had a few pints.
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    "Every neutral fan wanted Forest to stay up"

    The worst part is that other owners will also bet the farm after seeing Forest do it, without realising how highly unusual it is to happen and end up financially crippling a club.
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    College car park last night

    It's been much more difficult to leave that carpark since the new bridge over the dock entrance opened. By the time a lot of people are getting back to their cars, the stadium carparks have opened and hundreds of cars are heading down there. Sheer weight of traffic unfortunately.
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    Zack Steffen post match with the fans

    I'm hoping for another season long loan. Man City don't need the money from a transfer fee, he'll know he's not going to go back and break into a Champions League finalist team and getting promotion next year would be the only way we could afford his full salary, so it'd be the best option for...
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    * The Unofficial "Official" Boro v Coventry Semi-Final 2nd leg. Match Day Thread *

    Look what happened to little old Brighton after we pipped them to promotion. A full season under Carrick, some reshuffles with loans ending and starting... You never know.
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    * The Unofficial "Official" Boro v Coventry Semi-Final 2nd leg. Match Day Thread *

    This match reminds me of the playoff final against Norwich. Played as though we're protecting a 2-0 lead and can afford to concede just the one.
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    Riverside bag policy tonight

    They'll just take a look and let you in. Unless you threaten to spreadsheet someone to death.
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    Sat in the half moon Billingham

    More likely to be found in the Astronaut.
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    That was a complete text book performance brilliant

    Totally agree. I thought it was like watching one of Karanka's better organised performances, despite a defence who can be prone to lapses under pressure.
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    Look North tonight

    To be fair to them, they did put the open top bus in second place behind the open top lorry.
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    Mowbray close to tears

    Crying with laughter at fans who thought he was an uninspiring appointment who would take them nowhere.
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    Will the new Mayor get a grip on begging in Middlesbrough town center ?

    Sadly it's not new and it's not a Middlesbrough problem alone. Even 20 years ago it was common to be asked for 20p by people in the town centre. Most Metro stations in Tyneside will have someone trying to squeeze a coin from you and I've even had people knock on my window while sat in traffic...
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    Desperation at Leeds. 3rd sacking imminent. Allardyce on cards.

    This is essentially how they were ran for about 15 years prior to Bielsa being somehow persuaded to sign up with them. Good gig for Allardyce though. Few weeks work, earn a few quid and then got a few more tales for punditry about how he's managed against Guardiola and the mighty Ryan Mason.
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    Tottenham started well again

    Finally counts when Richarlison scores... And then rendered not so important...
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    Who will be crying out in chorus an allegiance to the king?

    I suppose that I should really join in if I want to keep my Dukedom and tracts of land.
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    Super Frank Lampard

    They had such a points cushion over Palace when he came that it looked like they had completely bottomed out... But now there's a real chance of Wolves or Palace leapfrogging them by the end of the season. Imagine telling someone in August that Roy Hodgson would be hunting down Frank Lampard by...
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    Congratulations Wrexham. Back After 15 Years

    Any club in that tier would probably be thankful for the attention. There are times when you'd think nothing exists below the Premier League, so imagine the national media wilderness of being in the fifth tier. They won't be the first to tumble and rise again though: look where Luton are now...