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    Songs that are longer than 6 minutes

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    Mitrovic - Now the dust settled

    10 match ban and automatic relegation on top of the 3 already going down. Top 3 from the championship plus play off winners go up
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    Burnley hit with transfer embargo

    no deductions, they made one mistake, so a one place penalty on the final league table seems like enough. ;);) But seriously, sounds like admin issues rather than shenanigans based on the current information.
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    Man United Players

    An all Scottish midfield pairing of Mctominey and Hackney..
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    How good does this look

    Marcus used the Forss on him
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    Hartlepool gaffa sacked

    if it is Cat, I hope he does well
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    West Brom's Home Form

    Yeah, at best we have to get a better result than SU in 3 games, at worst 8 games
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    West Brom's Home Form

    They should be favourites at home. Its interesting that both managers try to play similar styles of football, but are extreme opposites when it comes to personality and communication style
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    Tommy Smith signs 2 year contract

    i thought he was older
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    Chuba one season wonder?

    QPR will probably go for Nathan Jones
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    Blackpool fan's Vlog

    another vlog for Saturdays game
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    Blackpool fan's Vlog

    HI Lee, I always watch (and enjoy) your coverage when you play Boro, Good luck for the future.
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    Chelsea about to agree fee of £120m for Enzo Fernandez

    it does if there are 10 of these scenarios also, you have to remember that a 100% of a sale counts towards FFP, so they just need to sell 1 or 2 fringe players each season to offset that years FFP burden
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    Keith O'Neill

    I have heard he was very long in the shower
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    Clarkson sacked by Amazon

    I see some continue to confuse Consequence with Cancellation
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    Twitter on its last legs?

    BoJo to ask for his American passport back so he can join the GOP. By all accounts he'll be a centralist compared to most of them
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    Oneboro forum?

    no, it's a football forum
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    Oneboro forum?

    Thanks darling
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    Oneboro forum?

    Are you still banned? I don't see your posts as you're on my block list with Kentucky and a few others that just post garbage.