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  1. FairfieldBoro


    Just beat QPR 3-1 away! Boro up to 7th with a game in hand Derby bottom!
  2. FairfieldBoro

    Chelsea fans - what's the situation with tickets for Saturday?

    Surely if Chelsea are not allowed to sell the remaining tickets or return them them mfc can at least open up the areas that are reserved for segregation approx 1500 and sell them to Boro fans?
  3. FairfieldBoro

    Spurs Tickets

    ST holder in east stand family area and would not let me buy my own seat unless I purchased an U16 ticket so bought one in west stand instead. Think a lot of ST holders probably done the same so should sell out when they go on general sale.
  4. FairfieldBoro

    Another amusing Derby tweet....

    Derby would be due compensation, think that could be a factor.
  5. FairfieldBoro

    Another amusing Derby tweet....

    Sounds like Rafas on his way out at Everton, Wayne Rooney!
  6. FairfieldBoro

    RB Leipzig

    Must be up there with the best substitute performance, absolute class even the way he let martial take the penalty.
  7. FairfieldBoro

    Red button

    Boro match on the red button tomorrow, Can you get the BBC tees commentary?
  8. FairfieldBoro

    Duzza in Premier League Finals tonight.

    Fantastic Duzza!
  9. FairfieldBoro

    22961 new cases

    Getting a bit worrying now! I know the government says the next few days the figures might be higher due to missing data from the previous couple of weeks but seems very high.
  10. FairfieldBoro


    Sure i read they paid nothing for the new stadium, the developers who bough Griffin park built the stadium for them as part of the deal. It is sandwiched between railway lines hence the strange shape but still a big upgrade.
  11. FairfieldBoro

    Season Ticket Sales

    What price did he pay? First few games will be behind closed doors!
  12. FairfieldBoro

    Season Ticket Sales

    Any idea when they are going back on sale? First few games behind closed doors and probably limited capacity rest of year so wonder how they will price them up. I would pay full price to help club (Minus credit from last season) and maybe the club could give complimentary stream for missing home...
  13. FairfieldBoro

    Marcus Browne

    Think he has still got 3 years left on his contract and probably not on big money maybe 8-10k week, doubt Oxford can afford his wages never mind a 300k transfer fee. Think he is worth persevering with and loan him out again if he can not break into first team.
  14. FairfieldBoro

    Top 5 clubs you dislike (in order)

    Sunderland Leeds Newcastle Chelsea West Ham