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  1. Craggsy2


    If we didn’t put a sell on clause for Payero then I agree we are not learning from our mistakes.
  2. Craggsy2

    Leicester, Leeds & Southampton

    Sam Morsy running their midfield!
  3. Craggsy2


    It’s Barlaser not Barlasser
  4. Craggsy2

    Fabio Carvalho

    We haven’t had much out of them for a good few years now. Not sure if MC will change that.
  5. Craggsy2

    Fabio Carvalho

    Particularly where we have been involved.
  6. Craggsy2

    Retained list is out

    Are either of Brynn or Hemming any good at playing it out from the back?
  7. Craggsy2

    Retained list is out

    Hopefully some of the loanees will be resigned!
  8. Craggsy2

    Vinicius Junior "mono" chants

    It's not just the football culture in Spain. My wife is from Colombia and has been racially abused the times we have gone there on holiday. She doesn't want to go back there anymore.
  9. Craggsy2

    David Moyes

    David Moyes to leave West Ham at the end of the season accirding to Football Insider. Let’s hope that if true they don’t come knocking on our door.
  10. Craggsy2

    If Phil Jones rocks up at Boro.

    It would have to be a pay as you play deal. Probably too risky though for getting close to any reliability.
  11. Craggsy2

    And so the Chuba rumours start

    Everton were also monitoring him. If they stay up they could come sniffing.
  12. Craggsy2

    And so the Chuba rumours start

    Definitely worth bringing him back and giving it a go if he’s up for it. Payero could become our Gus Hammer
  13. Craggsy2


    Well done Amy for getting to the final of Gordon Ramsey’s Future Food Stars. Love her bubbly personality. I’ll be paying Blondies in Norton a visit very soon.
  14. Craggsy2

    There will be some goodbyes in this window

    Because he always plays s*** for 3 or 4 games after returning from international duty.
  15. Craggsy2

    There will be some goodbyes in this window

    If you can convince Paddy not to play for NI again he will be worth keeping.
  16. Craggsy2

    Matt Crooks

    He almost grabbed us a late equaliser last night, definitely should keep if he's up for it.
  17. Craggsy2


    England are a bit short on the striker front especially with Harry getting on a bit now. Not sure who is best to step up.
  18. Craggsy2

    Tony Mowbray to be Replaced?

    Leeds if they go down then.
  19. Craggsy2

    Sol Bamba offered Cardiff City manager job.

    Does he have his coaching badges?
  20. Craggsy2

    Luton Hoof Ball

    They weren’t a bunch of cloggers though were they as Michael has proved.