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    Liaison committee

    Benn: ‘are the eu acting in good faith’ johnson ‘ i don’t believe the are’ benn ‘why did the ni secretary say they were’ johnson ‘ it could that I am mistaken’ unbelievable, introducing the IM bill he gave the house a speech about how they eu were not acting in good faith. Should reprimanded...
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    Disappointing last night. Think he’s been disappointing when he has played further forward. Needs someone infront of him for me. played his best at rb. Probably in his mind has more freedom if he knows someone will cover when he goes forward. when he’s rwb doesn’t seem to let loose
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    FAO runners - suunto watches

    I can’t get my watch to monitor the elevation properly when I run off road today it gave me 1500ft, I went of starva desktop and corrected it. Put it down to 778ft I’ve created the route and it should be 1050ft. I just want it to be right. So frustrating
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    This is the most corrupt government we’ve ever had

    a twitter thread about the government being sued over handing a contract to one of liz truss’ advisers
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    Action aid

    Interesting response to an email the action aid sent. They deny that biological women/girls exist despite that is their purpose to protect biological women/girls. Diabolical standpoint.
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    Going to ground easy/diving

    Few of our lads seem to be going down a bit easy. Spence a prime candidate. Really irks me
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    That’s it done for me. Too many teams need to win their remaining games
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    2500 hospital admission for child malnutrition

    Doubled in number in the first 6 months compared to the year before Worrying stat when job losses have only just started to scratch the surface.
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    Glen durrant

    Top 16 in the world, been quality since the move. Could have been better for him. Shame we moved boards as there was a corker of a thread where exiled said he wouldn’t do it, and he knew darts.
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    Name someone you like with opposite views

    For instance if you are left leaning someone from the right and vice versa I’m left leaning. I don’t mind hearing what Tim montgomarie has to say I can’t stand Owen Jones
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    Resident troll

    Have you spotted this person yet
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    Travelled to see parents, breaking lockdown rules when he was self isolating
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    Blame the science

    Asked if the government had, in hindsight, got the approach to care homes wrong, Ms Coffey told Kay Burley@Breakfast that "you can only make judgements and decisions based on the information and advice that you have at the time". Pressed again, she replied: "If the science was wrong, the advice...
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    Kawasaki disease As a parent who has recently put his child into nursery that scares the sh1t out of me
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    League 2 season ended

    Ppg weighted For me the efl should be a making a decision together not league by league
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    New Zealand

    Why does no one talk about their approach to covid? Unbelievable job they’ve done and they are going to keep their borders closed
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    National league ended immediately Decision to be made about promotion and relegation after careful consideration
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    Parks to re-open

    Government pursuing herd immunity, pretty obvious cant say I’ll take my child to a park mind, certainly won’t be a guideline I’ll take advantage of
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    Your favourite boro kit

    Couple of posts showing kits recently got me thinking, especially with the new board. What’s your favourite boro kit If you want you can show your favourite moment from that kit too