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  1. TheBoroBuzzard

    Forest v Cardiff - Lewis Grabban first half stats

    Apart from kick offs, he touched the ball 3 times in the first half, with one of them an open goal that he put over the bar. 😮
  2. TheBoroBuzzard

    So does Chupa now have to self isolate for 14 days?

    Coming from Greece 😮
  3. TheBoroBuzzard

    A thank you from Ben Gibson

    At least the lad still loves us 👍🏻🙂
  4. TheBoroBuzzard

    Beats the usual dross we are used to seeing at home

    Finish it off with a fifth, would be nice - make it 10 goals in 2 games..worry about the defensive issues later 😀
  5. TheBoroBuzzard

    North Riding Cup Final tonight - Thornaby v Marske Utd

    Anyone going tonight for their footy fix..I wonder if Dimi is making his debut for Thornaby (not sure if he’s legit to play at this late stage)
  6. TheBoroBuzzard

    Plymouth 0-1 Boro

    Big Britt Header
  7. TheBoroBuzzard

    Scottish Government U-Turn

    76,000 students get their grades upped from original results...guess that opens a can of worms when some of the English pupils don’t get what they expected..just give it the boo-hoos until they get what they want 😮
  8. TheBoroBuzzard

    Karanka the new Brum manager

    Didn’t see that one coming 😮
  9. TheBoroBuzzard

    Look at the price of Man City’s home shirt next season

    Jesus Wept 😳😳
  10. TheBoroBuzzard

    Today’s Gazette Faces

    Wow..she is only 47.. I would have said change them numbers around if I was guessing her age. Became a grandmother in her mid-thirties 😮
  11. TheBoroBuzzard

    So have Wigan been officially deducted the 12 points !?!

    Yes, no, think so !! Seems to be conflicting stories. At the end of the season if they do get them deducted and it relegated them, how long do they have to appeal, can they appeal? If they take legal action which results in them winning the case and it relegates someone else, so the team that...
  12. TheBoroBuzzard

    Bad decision for this statue?

    I would say I am a supporter of BLM, but this is one step too far, not that it’s totally wrong, but doing it without the knowledge of the council. i really do think it is going to promote hate In the town and make things intensive with the WLM and ALM folks...can see a certain group of people...
  13. TheBoroBuzzard

    Ohhh..we might be able to add Adams Park to our ground list next season..

    ..barring a catastrophic batch of results and COVID-19 😜👌🏻 EDIT* Unless you where one of those who went in 1975 FA Cup or 1998 League Cup
  14. TheBoroBuzzard

    Will the Champions League decision on Man City influence the EFL decision..

    ..on Sheff Wed, Derby and even Wigan? Can they use it in a legal case? EDIT - UEFA = No Backbone
  15. TheBoroBuzzard

    I bet his parents are proud !! 😡

    12 years old...the Mind boggles 😡
  16. TheBoroBuzzard

    RIP Big Jack Charlton

    Quite literally our greatest ever manager. RIP Absolute Boro Legend Jack 😫❤️
  17. TheBoroBuzzard

    MFC online long for deliveries?

    Ordered some clobber for family members 10 days ago (a week gone Monday, I did go to the store but it was closed for COVID reasons, which is understandable), paid the £6 postage and package for a swift delivery, but as yet nothing. Dropped then an email yesterday, but no response..anyone have...
  18. TheBoroBuzzard

    Michael Holding - Sky News Interview

    Just watched Mark Austin interview Michael Holding on Sky News, and the poor guy broke down into tears when he said the family of his wife (who is white Portuguese ) didn’t talk to her for years, because her husband was ‘too dark’...heartbreaking.
  19. TheBoroBuzzard

    Gresty Road - Crewe Alexandra

    Anyone ever been? Providing the pandemic has ceased, we will get a chance to see it next season, especially after that pitiful, inept and disgraceful display of football 😡😡😡
  20. TheBoroBuzzard

    Had to be him didn’t it

    The Boy From behind the Boro Bar 😡