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  1. FatCat

    Next Signing?

    So what position and who’s next through the door.
  2. FatCat

    Lucky Girl

    Could have been oh so different, hopefully she learns a very important lesson today!
  3. FatCat

    Good point?

    Playing both ex Prem clubs in first two games was always going to be tough, good point, a couple more signings and we can hopefully kick on.
  4. FatCat

    Poor Lad

    A bit ridiculous trying to send him to prison for a year for this.
  5. FatCat

    George Floyd

    Court case to be broadcast on UK TV. I guess where there is demand there is supply. I’m not sure how I feel about this but I’m sure I will be hooked!!
  6. FatCat

    First of many

    Makes you wonder which clubs, companies and people will still be standing at the end of all this.
  7. FatCat

    6 o clock KO tonight

    Just in case anybody thought it was later!
  8. FatCat


    Staying at villa, I’m surprised by that I thought he would get a move to a big club.
  9. FatCat

    Raised by Wolves

    Anyone interested , anyone watched it or know how we can watch in the UK?
  10. FatCat

    Connor Mcgregor
  11. FatCat

    What is wrong with people 1600 attacks in six months on the very people trying to help you! And also sex attacks - what on Earth are people thinking!!??
  12. FatCat

    Interesting Proverbs from around the World

    “All mushrooms are edible, but some are edible only once.” - Lithuanian proverb about life.
  13. FatCat

    Trade Deal with Japan
  14. FatCat

    FInancial Fair Play and Covid

    Have there been any concessions or talk of amendments to FFP rules in light of the continuing covid crisis. given teams do not know their likely revenue as they don’t know what gate receipts will be this season yet still have to bring in players before the window closes. has anyone seen...
  15. FatCat

    Captain Britt

    Not sure about that, he doesn’t strike me as captain material.
  16. FatCat

    Manchester Arena

    It seems the response by the emergency services was very uncoordinated - some of the things coming out of the report are an eye opener. I wasnt aware at the time that there were so many issues.
  17. FatCat

    Nazanin Zaghari

    So as she is close to the end did her sentence, now faces as yet undefined new charges. Almost five years, absolutely sickening for her family, being used as some sort of pawn in a game...
  18. FatCat

    Brainstorm or Green Needle

    Probably late to the party on this but this is a bit freaky even once the science is explained!!
  19. FatCat

    Want recognition for paying your way?

    Put it out there and you may get a pat on the back. Today I paid the window cleaner, I owed him about a months worth on the basis I hadn’t seen him for a while. Anyone else got anything to declare?
  20. FatCat

    Gateshead and Newcastke

    45 and 29 covid cases per 100000, given we apply quarantine generally where any country is over 20 cases per 100000 then these numbers are a bit high!