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  1. NYboro

    The Revenge of the school librarian

    Great sense of humour. TES
  2. NYboro

    RIP Wayne Fontana

    Wayne Fontana
  3. NYboro

    EFL salary cap unlawful according to PFA

    Gordon Taylor worried his gravy train might end? Unlawful
  4. NYboro

    When I heard he had asked for a six month guarantee before he would play I almost crashed my car

    Bernie tells it like it is :ROFLMAO: Bernie in the Gazette
  5. NYboro

    Cat meet pigeons

    Could see this coming a mile off. Charlton
  6. NYboro

    Blackpool owner thinks....

    clubs will begin to go like dominoes. Interview
  7. NYboro

    Leeds, Sheffield Wednesday, Huddersfield and Preston

    all have staff members tested positive. How can they continue with this insanity? Linky
  8. NYboro

    Onuoha doesn't feel safe

    ..and who can blame him? Nedum Onuoha
  9. NYboro

    Sometimes I'm proud of my place of employment.

    Got this earlier today; I'm working from home so can't participate..... TO: All Faculty, Staff, and Students FROM: Kenneth L. Davis, MD President and Chief Executive Officer Mount Sinai Health System Dennis S. Charney, MD Anne and Joel Ehrenkranz Dean Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai...
  10. NYboro

    This is why football should not restart yet.

    Hate for those who are unwilling to put their families at risk.... Troy Deeney
  11. NYboro

    Hull want the season voided

    Report Wonder how many others will follow.....
  12. NYboro

    RIP Phil May

    I still remember seeing The Pretty Things on TV for the first time - such long hair..... Phil May
  13. NYboro

    No tackling

    WTF kind of training is this? Tackling will be banned, pitches disinfected and players restricted to groups of five......
  14. NYboro

    Complete restructure of the football league

    The most sense I've seen about it - it's clear that professional football will not survive without radical change. Mark Palios is the chairman of Tranmere Rovers and a former chief executive of the Football Association who played in the Football League for 12 seasons
  15. NYboro

    German football wants to restart on 9th May

    Bundesliga What is really interesting, is: According to an internal DFL report from late March, at least 13 of the 36 Bundesliga and second-division sides face insolvency by May or June, if the season does not restart soon. Twelve of these 13 clubs have already guaranteed the fourth and last...
  16. NYboro

    How bad was Brad Jones.

    I think I must have forgotten.
  17. NYboro

    FAO Erimus74

    I think you'll like this one. Amateur Cup 1898
  18. NYboro

    FFP not fit for purpose.

    Tell us something we didn't already know..... Review
  19. NYboro

    Coulson 50/50 for Saturday

    Could certainly do with him being available. Squad news
  20. NYboro

    Financial figures released

    ...and they don't look good, although probably as expected. Vickers' take on them