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  1. BoroBen92

    Official bid for Sam Morsy accepted

    Though Sky's official source seems a bit odd as he's outright said he's not sure what the offer is and he's just guessing that Wigan will reject it. A few ITKs on OneBoro have indicated that it's further along than this. I'd be buzzing if we signed him. UPDATE: Bid has now been accepted.
  2. BoroBen92

    Iceland v England

    Good chance to achieve a bit of redemption here if England win comfortably, as they should. Strange defensive line but our attack looks brilliant
  3. BoroBen92

    Charlie Goode joining Brentford.

    The usual outcome to our transfer pursuits. Another one bites the dust.
  4. BoroBen92

    Macclesfield Town relegated after EFL Appeal

    The EFL successfully appeal against suspended deduction. Macclesfield Town have been deducted a further 4 points and are now relegated instead of Stevenage. The Boro are staying up.
  5. BoroBen92

    PL have rejected 5 subs for next season.

    As above, hopefully the Championship follows suit.
  6. BoroBen92

    Harrogate Town v Notts County play-off final

    Harrogate currently winning 2-0 after 30 minutes, it looks like we might have another Yorkshire club coming in to the league. They'd be our closest club after the rabbles up the road.
  7. BoroBen92

    Charlie Goode - CB from Northampton

    Linked with a 24 year old, 6ft 5" CB with a long throw. Got good reviews, I imagine Ronnie Jepson has recommended him after spending most of the season at Northampton Town.
  8. BoroBen92

    No Ballon d'Or this year.

    The organisers don't believe that the conditions have been met for the award to be given. Seems fair enough. But I reckon Robert Lewandowski would have won it, I bet he's gutted as he'll never get a better chance.
  9. BoroBen92

    Huddersfield sack the Cowley Brothers.

    Not a huge surprise, they've been almost as bad as us for a lot of the season, but I suppose you might have expected them to be given more than a season.
  10. BoroBen92

    Oxford United v Wycombe Wanderers

    Who do folk on here favour/want to win tonight then? High Wycombe is a slightly more distant away journey. Oxford being promoted means we'll almost certainly be shipping out Marcus Browne to them. Wycombe are in the slightly dodgy position of reaching the play-off finals despite finishing the...
  11. BoroBen92

    Moukoudi has gone.

    Strange that his loan has ended early, as they'd obviously extended it already. We're now extremely short on defenders.
  12. BoroBen92

    Does the board need a sticky General Football Thread?

    Just wondering whether it would benefit from having a pinned general discussion thread for things that aren't worth starting a new thread over? Just popped in to my mind there as I'm watching the absolutely dreadful Spurs match and fancied posting about how dreadful it was without going to...
  13. BoroBen92

    Keith Downie Sky Sports "North East" reporter

    May as well change his job description to Tyne and Wear reporter for all the effort he puts in with Middlesbrough, just watched his question in today's press conference and he's asking for answers to questions that the club have publicly answered 2 days before. Asking for news on whether out of...
  14. BoroBen92

    4 big matches tonight

    There are 4 big matches tonight in the relegation battle, could set us up nicely if results go our way. Barnsley v Blackburn Cardiff City v Charlton Leeds v Luton Wigan v Stoke I think it's most important that Barnsley and Luton don't win, but it'd keep Charlton right in it if they lose. Wigan...
  15. BoroBen92

    Howson signs 1 year extension, other 4 extend till end of season

    Jonny Howson has taken up the option of a one-year contract extension with the club... The 32-year-old is now under contract until June 30 2021 after opting to extend his stay on Teesside. Link to MFC announcement Shotton, Friend, Johnson and Clayton extend till end of season.
  16. BoroBen92

    Bola, Walker and Liddle all back and eligible to play.

    As above, none are amazing players but it's good to have the extra numbers with us losing 1-4 players in the next few days,
  17. BoroBen92

    Karanka is going to play in the charity match.

    As above, he's going to appear as a guest player in Beck's charity match at the Riverside. Have we had many if any who've managed and then played for us?
  18. BoroBen92

    Can you park at the Riverside for away days?

    Off to Barnsley on Saturday, was wondering whether you could leave your car parked at the Riverside when getting the Supporters Bus?
  19. BoroBen92

    Football highlights - missing bits.

    I understand why on the 2 minute quick clips, but it seems strange to me that the 10 minute highlights that clubs are given by the EFL always fail to include ruled out goals, substitutions and bookings. No trace of our offside goal last night, whether he was onside or not, and no indication...
  20. BoroBen92

    Jordan Jones

    Tried making a general purpose January window thread but it just drops down the board if it's not stickied. Anyway. Jordan Jones poised to rejoin Middlesbrough on loan with a view to buy in the summer according to the Daily Record Sport. Local lad, did well at Kilmarnock, full Northern Ireland...