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  1. Big John Hickton

    Simon Clarke MP. again..

    Our local MP is a legend, keep it up Simon, you lot are just a bunch of left wing snowflakes a total disgrace.
  2. Big John Hickton

    Press Conference Bingo...

    We are pants, Sunderland to look forward to next season 🤪
  3. Big John Hickton

    I know Middlesbrough takes some stick

    Rangers fans on VE Day singing penny arcade, Glasgow
  4. Big John Hickton

    Rob Spell Check

    I only only post on my laptop, I am using chrome, I have just looked up how to get my spellcheck settings up running, all good to go now thanks
  5. Big John Hickton

    All Time Hero

    Think this was the Pen againast Sunderland in the FA Cup great day and result UTB
  6. Big John Hickton

    Rob Spell Check

    I have dyslexia which at times can be a real pain, when writing etc it’s hard for me to formulate my spelling words correctly, thankfully over the years this has eased, due to mainly the use of computers and spellcheck, I ve notice that when writing a message on the board that there is not...
  7. Big John Hickton

    All Time Hero

    Big John will never will be supassed all time Boro great and a true legend UTB
  8. Big John Hickton

    All Time Hero

    All Time Hero