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  1. scuzzmonster

    Angela rayner

    She's my local MP and only lives about 200 yards up the road. Girl dun good but there will be sterner challenges than Johnson to face.
  2. scuzzmonster

    Collection of old programmes - what would YOU do?

    As with chucking out anything, once you bite the bullet and get it done, you'll likely never think about them again. Does seem a waste, though, I must admit.
  3. scuzzmonster

    Dael Fry

    He hasn't really been the same since the fairly lengthy injury he had a season or two back. Also, I don't suppose Pulis shifting him from pillar to post across the back four will have helped him any even though I'm sure he would have been delighted just to have been playing in the team.
  4. scuzzmonster

    Does anybody still smoke?

    Quit fifteen years ago. Best thing I ever did, worst being starting in the first place.
  5. scuzzmonster

    2500 pledge to renew

    Yeah, I could live with that, too, for one season only. Problem is, what to do next season if we're still stuggling with infection rates?
  6. scuzzmonster

    Riverside Live - getting twitchy

    Yes, I gather it was for many. There just seemed to be an angry minority on Twitter for whom it wasn't, myself included, though I wasn't so much angry as bemused, personally.
  7. scuzzmonster

    Riverside Live - getting twitchy

    I could have had the game on my IPTV foc but decided to give the club a tenner anyway because every little helps, right? However, having had to restart the stream at least a dozen times in the first half alone, I will have to have a serious think about the next PPV tie the club decides to put...
  8. scuzzmonster

    6 Months suspended sentence

    Around forty years since I was a cyclist but have taken to the roads again recently on an e-scooter and been rather alarmed at the amount of vitriol I've received within a short space of time. In fact, on one occasion, the vitriol was directed extremely loudly as an aggrieved motorist passed...
  9. scuzzmonster

    Yusuf wins 32Red fan of the season award

    Top bombing, Yusef(y)
  10. scuzzmonster

    Thomas Müller is not your stereotypical German...

    Worked with a few Ossies in Bavaria in the late 80s/early 90s who had a very similar sense of humour to the British variety. Nature/nurture job. 'Comedy' which appeared on West German tv stations at the time was appalling.
  11. scuzzmonster

    harry maguire

    My brother-in-law ran into Roy Keane and his family on holiday during the close season while he was on a fishing trip in the far north of Scotland a few years ago. He said it changed his perception of Keane as a person.
  12. scuzzmonster

    York City V Boro - Old pic

    That's fantastic, Wilf.
  13. scuzzmonster


    Strange Mourinho hasn't been mentioned in this thread yet.
  14. scuzzmonster

    Spotlight on the Troubles - A Secret History

    It was excellent. Our recent history brought to life and so much that was new to me, too. Great watch.
  15. scuzzmonster

    How did you decide on your first bank?

    Wound up following my old man to the Midland Bank and, living in a small town at the time, was a constant source of embarrassment to him during my frequent 'interviews' there through my 20s
  16. scuzzmonster

    Cattersty Sands

    McDonald's incoming.