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  1. TheLodger

    Simon Clarke MP. again..

    He has totally lost the plot. This guy is a member of our parliament, the oldest most respected parliament in the world. t the plot totally
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    MFC laying off staff

    While it's owner is gifting £20,000 to the "Tory" Ben Houchen. Both in the matter of a few months.
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    Fifty quid bike voucher scheme opens tonight

    11:45pm, just when all the cycle to work crowd would be tucked up in bed ready for an early start tomorrow. Are you staying up to get a voucher?
  4. TheLodger

    Politicians blocking constituents on social media.

    Seems there all at it. X votes for whatever, you as a constituent aren't happy so question them on social media and he/she blocks you. Right or wrong? Who owns that social media account, you as a constituent or them as your representative?
  5. TheLodger

    Hot tubs

    OK I get the jokes, but I'm getting too old to be thinking about a sex pool. I am thinking about a family investment. Been looking at 6 person's tubs, me the missus, son and his missus, with other family-friends on occasions. I am looking at a total spend of about £1500 that's for the tub and...
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    A message from our Mayor....

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    It's my turn to do the family quiz

    This Friday. I have decided to do all 30 questions with either the question or answer related to Teesside. My family are like most, none would be entering Mastermind, or indeed The Chase. We just have a laugh online while in a semi competitive mode- we all want to win. Does anyone have some...
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    New government CoronaVirus logo....

    "Wash your hands, We have" Just about sums it up.
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    Every seat in the Riverside stadium

    Now represents a death in the UK of covid19, it's no wonder why the majority of people simply don't want the current restrictions lifted. There is rightly little trust that this government can get it right.
  10. TheLodger

    What's the best Chinese that's open?

    In Middlesbrough, either to collect or deliver?
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    Priti Patel

    Just said she’s pleased that shoplifting is down compared to last year. Tomorrow she will be celebrating that she managed to cut underage drinking in pubs And the facts her mates Simon Clarke MP and Parmo Benny managed to fix the Marton crawl...
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    The avenue of Trees

    I see Mayor Preston is encouraging us all to walk down the Avenue of Trees rather than wanting to open our parks as instructed by Government. Why would he do this? Anyone with a little bit of sense can see that this is nonsensical. If it's safe to walk down the avenue then why isn't it safe...
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    Been sorting my wardrobe and found this.

    Someone said it's 1994, is that right?
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    Name the 30 1980s songs.

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    Film of choice.

    Because we're both locked down, both our jobs are shut till the virus allows us to go back Saturday the wife and I decided that we have to do at least one thing together every day, we agreed that we watch a film at 10pm every night. We have all the normal channels but not sky movies, so were...
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    Corona virus- Phantom symptoms

    Over the last few days, i've been getting very mild symptoms of corona virus, a tight chest, the odd dry cough, and a higher temperature than normal- especially head area. I am keen to help out in my local community, we've all seen the call for help from the council and NHS, I am in my late...
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    Staying in
  18. TheLodger

    Anyone else keeping their kids off school?

    I have spoke to loads and all are keeping their kids off.
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    Spot the errors.

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    Did Ayresome Park have communal baths?

    Enjoyed this article about football clubs and the what is now considered crazy communal baths, did Ayresome have them, I would guess most professional clubs have done away with them and moved to proper shower facilities...