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  1. zorro_mfc

    We’ve had the carrot now comes the stick - govt makes Not self isolating illegal
  2. zorro_mfc

    I’d have taken that

    Esp at half time, lots of possession, lots of pretty passing around the box and lots of balls across the goal with no one to finish it - akpom should thrive on that. great ball from paddy as well
  3. zorro_mfc

    Come on Boro

    Can’t stand Bournemouth let’s do em.
  4. zorro_mfc

    Our new signing on you tube

    Ok I know we have been burned by “you tube stars” in the past but this is a good balanced video as it appears to show his good and his bad bits plus the one thing that’s impressed me is his build up play and his role at creating chances for others.
  5. zorro_mfc

    Warnocks spine taking shape

    I can’t remember the last time we bought a complete new spine for the starting 11 in one go new keeper Centre half Mf general Striker
  6. zorro_mfc

    Ruth bader Ginsburg has died

    Sad news in America overnight as one of America’s most loved and most liberal Supreme Court justices passed away. sadly this of course frees up another spot on the court for yet another trump appointee "My most fervent wish is that I will not be replaced until a new president is installed,"...
  7. zorro_mfc

    Another insane Bayern score line

    As they are Currently 8-0 up v schalke. I’ve never known so many 6 plus score lines than the ones we are seeing now. Are we witnessing a paradigm shift in the game.
  8. zorro_mfc

    Can anyone explain why teesside isn’t in the lockdown area

    I know the gazette had a few articles on it but after reading them I still can’t see any reason why we are not included. Our rate is higher Than many of those areas included, we are on the list of Govt concern and yet we seem to be a special case. the gist of the gazette article seemed to be...
  9. zorro_mfc

    Des last night was it sponsored by British tobacco

    Great show brilliant acting and script it but it was comical the amount of smoking going on I half expected the the judge to light up at one point.
  10. zorro_mfc

    NHL Play offs

    Wow what a series just finished watching game 5 of the islanders lightning series. a double over time win for the isles who make it 3-2 now in the series that the lightning lead. let’s go islanders
  11. zorro_mfc

    We need to strengthen the first 11

    We all know that. This just highlights how threadbare we are esp up top.
  12. zorro_mfc

    New Boro app update

    👍🏻 I like it Finally the league table and fixtures are Easy to find on main options tab. much better
  13. zorro_mfc

    New pro evo out today pes21

    Out today as is the new option file from pes universe complete with new Boro kits
  14. zorro_mfc

    Including young children in the “rule of six” is insanity

    Another genius move from this (well I’ve ran out of insults) govt.
  15. zorro_mfc

    Des tonight on itv

    Should be a good one drama about Dennis Nielsen
  16. zorro_mfc

    Mick Schumacher in his dad’s car at mugello

    Quite an emotional sight that and how good does a “real” F1 car sound God I miss that noise
  17. zorro_mfc


    Bills jets tonight as we begin the post brady era in the AFC East and hopefully the start of the bills year to divisional championship. yes finally the bogie man has gone no more will we have face him twice a season and poss again in the play offs. He used to boast he’d won more game in...
  18. zorro_mfc

    Who was the last striker to emerge from our academy ?

    I posted this on the thread but I think it is a question in itself I’ve never understood why our famed academy has yet to produce one credible striker ( yes a couple have gone on to other clubs like wyke etc) for the BORO first team not one I think Andy Campbell was the last but he’s about 35...
  19. zorro_mfc

    No crowds as a leveller

    Watching the liverpool game yesterday and there is no way they would have played like that with a full anfield crowd baying then on. As big premier league club bully teams and more importantly bully referees ( or more specifically linesman) to make narrow calls but with out that bear pit...
  20. zorro_mfc

    “Uk must avoid party weekend” - uk govt

    If this was your big worry then Why did you you make Monday the cut off day. numpties utter numpties running this country.