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    Not sure what's up with him, but he should have done better for both WBA goals in my opinion. Very slow to move for the first and despite the accuracy of the freekick for the second, he never got his arms outstretched for it.
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    Coming very soon to Amazon Prime. Looks a lot less gritty than the seminal UK version.
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    Kimberly Guilfoyle

    DJTJ's other half made a "speech" at the RNC last night. Good job it was to an empty auditorium as the vapour omitted by her could have killed millions :) Turn your volume down as a precaution.
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    Unnecessary packaging

    I ordered two new facemasks and received one of them today. Having it sent in what amounts to a full size carrier bag is a bit OTT on the packaging I think.
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    Sign O’ The Corona Times

    Looks like all you ad-blockers are forcing Rob to moonlight :poop:
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    One for the techies

    I know that there has been plenty of requests for a FMTTM app, well over on XDA there is a new app called Native Alpha which allows you to create a progressive web app of any website. It goes beyond the normal methods though as it allows you to specify which webview API it uses, JavaScript...
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    Spurs vs Man United

    Juan Black Lives Matters is on the bench ;)
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    House party at Dom's then?

    Seeing as Johnson has warned people to not take their limited, socially distanced meetings indoors during the rain, that'll be the next guideline that doesn't apply to Mr Dodgy Eyesight.
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    Test and trace

    Isolate immediately if you have symptoms and go and get a test. How far can I drive to get a test? If you are contacted by a tracer then you must isolate too as part of your civic duty. Hancock is pulling at the heartstrings here, saying you've done your bit etc etc. I might have been on board...
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    On occasion I have...

    ...inserted a courgette into my bottom to check if I was in need of emptying my bowels. What have you had the need to do 'on occassion' to check that you're still able to do?
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    Fire alarm at work

    3.30am and stood in the car park in a t shirt and it is 1 degree C. Brrrrrrr
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    Did anyone go back to work this morning?

    Looked to be plenty of traffic about on my way home from night shift so some people have obviously listened to Boris. Hopefully they've gone back into appropriately Covid-19 safe workspaces.
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    Trump's Valet tests positive for Covid-19

    Given that the CDC recommends you go into 2 weeks self isolation if you come into close contact with a Covid-19 sufferer then can we start a chant for Donald... Lock him down! Lock him down! Lock him down!
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    A bit of culture if you're quick

    You can watch the National Theatre production of 'Frankenstein' with Benedict Cumberbatch as Victor and Jonny Lee Miller as The Creature. It's available until Friday and the leads swap roles (link on the page below) in another version which is available until tomorrow.
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    Rescued a female blackbird this morning

    Poor thing had got some of that flat plastic garden twine wrapped round its wing and it was caught on the guttering. Once I'd got it cut down I put it in a pillow case while we gently cut the thread free from its wing then we put it into a sheltered part of the garden. Took her a long time to...
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    Bittersweet story on Channel 4 news last night

    The story of how two Barcelona apartment blocks are coping during lockdown. The old lady from around 1:30 in made my day.
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    The Mayor of Las Vegas...

    Call 911 please and have her checked out for something.
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    The United ***show of America

    I know we moan about our government, but the US is an absolute mess right now. Not only do you have possibly the worst person in charge, but they are hurtling towards a re-opening of the "greatest economy in the world" because said economy is being exposed for the lie it is. On one hand you have...
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    Channel 4 public information ad

    Apparently it was been around a few days, but I saw it for the first time tonight.