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  1. Redlips

    Best place for iPhone repairs in Teesside

    My iPhone XS phone has smashed what is the best place to get it repaired whilst you wait and what is the cost? thanking you in advance. redlips
  2. Redlips

    Are train tickets being checked?

    Train machine out to order at Yarm and en route to Manchester Airport and I am nearly at Leeds and no guard has been down to check. As it stands I will get a ticket at Manchester but have train companies got rid of conductors?
  3. Redlips

    Fa signings and targets

    The squad submission deadline is tomorrow for the start of the season. Who are the bargains, who is a must have and how people going to deal with Man City and united not playing this week. It would be great to share some knowledge and for a fmttm to win the...
  4. Redlips

    Has anyone won a big amount on the premium bonds?

    I have a few that I want to cash in, I have won a few £25 prizes. Has anyone won a big prize?
  5. Redlips

    Industrial disease law firms dealing with asbestos claims

    Looking for a good industrial disease law firm that deals with copd claims. going to do my research but has anyone good recommendations? Thanks in advance.
  6. Redlips

    Who is the best Dutch player to have played for Boro?

    Bolo Zenden for me was incredible. He played in the champions league final a year after leaving us. Hasselbaink was deadly a top striker and I was buzzing when we signed him.
  7. Redlips

    FPL Fantasy league league value on Messi?

    If he ends up in Manchester, I think his value could be 15m in the fantasy league. Rashford and Greenwood are classes as midfielders.
  8. Redlips

    How many champions league winners have played for boro?

    1. Ravanelli
  9. Redlips

    Crypto currencies books.

    I would like to read up and learn a bit more about bitcoins and crypto currencies. Does anyone dabble or invest in them? What books/forums do you use to learn about them?
  10. Redlips

    Wages for non league players is better than league 1 and 2

    I have read a few comments from Curtis Woodhouse and Jamie Vardy that the wages in non league are superior to professional football. I have heard quotes of £400 income a week from football plus a full time wage. In the years to come I bet a lot of talented players in the mould of vardy are...
  11. Redlips

    How did you decide on your first bank?

    I was bribed by a £20 hmv voucher to go to Nat West. My nephew is 15 and does not have a bank. Any decent incentives at the moment?
  12. Redlips

    Best place to buy a dinghy

    Going to have an afternoon on the Tees with the hot weather. best place to buy an inflatable dinghy today? go outdoors and Argos don’t seem to have any. thanks in advance
  13. Redlips

    Activities in the Lake District

    Sorting a 30th birthday party out and we need sowm Activities to do like kayaking canoeing in Windermere Bowness. 4 people are going any suggestions?
  14. Redlips

    Players from Merseyside who have represented boro?

    I see that are linked with Lee Peltier a Toxeth boy. From memory we have always had a scouser in our promotion winning teams. Forshaw, Hignett, Archie Stevens. Who else?
  15. Redlips

    What happens if villa and villa have identical points and gd

    if Watford win 2-0 and villa win 1-0, both teams will have 37 points and identical goal difference. What happens next?
  16. Redlips

    After a cheap metal tool box

    Nothing cheap on eBay and suggested links etc?
  17. Redlips

    Football grounds located on river?

    Doing my bit as a quiz master. how many football grounds out of the 92 are situated next to a river? 1. I have the riverside stadium 2. The city ground 3. Craven cottage anymore?
  18. Redlips

    Brentford for the title accumulator

    Right I will be upfront, I think Leeds will win the the title. I would say Brentford have a one percent chance. Current odd for Brentford to win the league are 40-1 But the Leeds players looked very drunk in social media last night and Derby are a bogey team for them. Charlton night need...
  19. Redlips

    Next Euro and world cup winners?

    England are getting a nice little squad together. For me the team to watch out for are Holland. With Virgil at the back, half of that semi final Ajax team peaking.
  20. Redlips

    What value would you place on DJed Spence and Coulson?

    Spence has been linked to Spurs, West Ham and Brighton. I think he a brilliant player and he will play for England one day. 18m in this current market? Coulson has been linked to Newcastle. 12m? We need a massive rebuild. Out of the current squad I would only be disappointed if we lost...