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  1. Carlos Fandango

    Lost pubs

    How many have you had a pint in? 20 out of 29 for me.
  2. Carlos Fandango

    working stream
  3. Carlos Fandango

    Match stream
  4. Carlos Fandango

    Match stream

    Bottom two links are working
  5. Carlos Fandango

    Free-to-air fixtures

    Norwich v Southampton19 June, 18:00Pick (Freeview channel 11) Bournemouth v Crystal Palace20 June, 19:45BBC One Newcastle v Sheffield United21 June, 14:00Pick (Freeview channel 11) Everton v Liverpool21 June, 19:00Pick (Freeview channel 11) Manchester United v Sheffield United24 June, 18:00Pick...
  6. Carlos Fandango

    Attempted robbery - Eston-under-nab

    Anybody recognise this tosser. I think his dog must be a bit of a give away.
  7. Carlos Fandango

    Corporate Manslaughter

    What is Corporate Manslaughter? The statutory offence of Corporate Manslaughter was brought in to ensure that there were “effective laws in place to prosecute organisations where they have paid scant regard to the proper management of health and safety with fatal results” From the CPS.
  8. Carlos Fandango

    The power of nature

    Drone footage from Norway.
  9. Carlos Fandango

    Michael Gove says he has driven 'on occasion' to test his eyesight When you lie yourself into a corner.
  10. Carlos Fandango

    How does the ignore function work?

    Does it just block the content of the message, so you can still see the posters name. Or does it block everything?
  11. Carlos Fandango

    Dave Greenfield RIP

    Really sad news that Dave Greenfield passed away yesterday.
  12. Carlos Fandango

    Robbie Mustoe. Every goal

    What a player he was for us. Must be one of our best buys. All the super stars came and went but Mustoe was the first name on the team sheet. Always remember him as an all action tough tackling midfielder with an excellent touch. Some great goals as well.
  13. Carlos Fandango

    Live darts tonight The PDC are starting the Home Tour tonight. It's free to sign up, might be worth a watch.
  14. Carlos Fandango

    Geraint Thomas live fundraiser for NHS Geraint is doing three 12 hour rides to raise funds for NHS. The 12 hours represents a nurses 12 hour shift. He's set a target of £100,000, think he'll smash that. Well...
  15. Carlos Fandango

    FA cup semi final 1997 One of my favourite away days.
  16. Carlos Fandango


    Not sure if this has been posted, but our 2006 UEFA cup semi final 2nd leg is available to watch from 8pm tomorrow. I think there's a link on MFC website.
  17. Carlos Fandango

    Carling cup final

    #BoroWatchalong will be showing our cup final from 2pm on Sunday. 👍