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  1. Anton_Berg

    Warnock will have turned over

    With no subs used when behind, were we managerless? Hope NW gets better soon.
  2. Anton_Berg

    Good point?

    'No comment intended' Sorry I don't know what happened there.
  3. Anton_Berg

    Transpennine Express service to Redcar

    I early learned about it this week. How long ago did it start and why don't they go the extra mile to Saltburn?
  4. Anton_Berg

    North East to London commute

    In the 90s I worked in Fulham and there was a young IT contractor who commuted from Doncaster. In a Cortina. The money was a big incentive at the time, I guess.
  5. Anton_Berg

    Chuba signs on

    Can we call him Tubby?
  6. Anton_Berg

    E- Scooter Pilot Suspended in Coventry

    Where I live, you can expect a near-miss with an electric scooter every time you go out. Just been reading about the e-scooter trial in M'bro. People using them on the A19, and kids riding with passengers! A wise choice.
  7. Anton_Berg

    Well Done Van The Man

    Thankfully, he rarely says anything.
  8. Anton_Berg


    Apologies for repeating this but, what other sport rewards you so much for being ranked 1,000 -2,000 in the world?
  9. Anton_Berg

    alex scott presenting QoS

  10. Anton_Berg

    210th anniversary of the Mandale Cut

    Yorkshire land-grab! This must have been a huge project for those times. No power tools, no plant and no photography to record it, sadly.
  11. Anton_Berg

    North East to London commute

    Take food and drink and you can remove the mask. I've just done a trip on LNER today and, having never worn a mask more than 20 minutes so far, I found 3 hours no worse. And, you could invest in a visor.
  12. Anton_Berg

    Warnock has tested positive for Covid-19

    This was a known risk when he was hired. You hope all parties knew what they were doing.
  13. Anton_Berg

    Angela rayner

    We all deserve a better future than that.
  14. Anton_Berg

    Great old industrial photos

    The 'virtual model' reminds me of when the Gazette showed a model of the proposed new Redcar works early 70s. It woud be interesting to see it again. The complex was going to be the mother of all steelworks with two or three blast furnaces, multiple BOS plants and mills iirc. To accomodate it...
  15. Anton_Berg

    Great old industrial photos

    PPE is for wimps!
  16. Anton_Berg

    Great old industrial photos

    For anyone really into this, I would recommend this book at 2 quid. It is full of maps of works and other info.
  17. Anton_Berg

    Churchill letter to Dorman Long

    A lot of the 'Mulberry Harbour' components used for Normandy landings were made by DL. They also had a yard in London, where the US Embassy now stands, for fabrications using steel shipped from Teesside.
  18. Anton_Berg

    Great old industrial photos

    Fantastic photos, never seen them before. Must be the Tyne with smog like that.
  19. Anton_Berg

    Best punk/new wave singles

    Hard to spell but far and away the most successsful punk in the long run. Didn't even get a chair on the Grundy/Pistols show.
  20. Anton_Berg

    Is the term gammon racist

    'Gammon' is the resort of those who can dish it out, but can't take it.