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    Keith Reid Procol Harum Not many songs are unique. This one was RIP Keith Reid Procol Harum lyricist
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    What are we all reading?

    Reading book 15 out of 16 (Yes FIFTEEN) Of the fantasy series Magelands by Christopher Mitchell an author from Scotland. If you are into fantasy at all you can read all of these books "free" on kindle unlimited
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    Frustrating results when you look back

    Yes. Disappointing. But the four games after that were brilliant Especially celebrating with the players after the Battle of Stamford Bridge ⚔️
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    Govt gives the teachers an offer.

    NASUWT 90% voted in favour of strike but turnout was only 45% So they were not allowed to take strike action
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    30p Lee’s latest nonsense - beggars carry chip and pin machines 🙄

    Obviously he was going to donate more than £100
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    Daily Mail v Reality

    I understand their statistics but anyone with basic knowledge about football would read that article and either be bemused or just laugh.
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    Daily Mail v Reality Mail pays some statistician to pick the best championship team that could provide players for the England team 3 Boro players are named in this team...
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    Best Album Openers...

    Kick off your shoes!
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    Was there ever a better header of the ball in a Boro shirt than this man?

    This guy was pretty good in the air as well. Just like Hughie he wasn't that tall but what a leap Peacock had Just been looking on 11v11 for Hughie's record at the Boro. He is remembered for the 6-2 victory against QPR where we were 2-0down after 10 minutes. But fun fact his last 8 games for...
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    How good was Wilf Mannion?

    No 10 Scores first goal for Great Britain. One of 3 Boro players to play for Great Britain George Hardwick was the captain that day Jason Steele..... why hasn't he got a statue at the Riverside? ;)
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    How good was Wilf Mannion? Not quite old enough but my Dad used to go on about Wilf. He was at the match...
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    Dad Jokes - all welcome!

    Not as good as A horse goes to funeral.;)
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    A horse goes to a funeral….

    I thought this belonged on Dad Jokes. After a few more posts it probably should be ;)
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    Harry Kane - England's all time record goalscorer

    George C 9games 18 goals He would only have to play 27 games to get 54 goals!
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    Parking for England on Sunday

    Just checked...
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    Parking for England on Sunday

    Use Justpark app you will be able to get a driveway near Stanmore Station. I did for Norwich game l don't think much will have changed .
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    2 amazing stats under carrick

    And the fact that we were Brightoned in an earlier round
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    2 amazing stats under carrick

    Form (Last 10) Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts 1 Middlesbrough 10 8 1 1 27 7 20 25 2 Burnley 10 7 3 0 21 4 17 24 3 Coventry 10 5 4 1 16 6 10 19 4 Blackburn 10 5 4 1 13 8 5 19 5 Luton 10 5 4 1 10 6 4 19 6 Millwall 10 5 2 3 14 12 2 17 7 Sheffield Utd 10 5 1 4 11 9 2 16 8 Bristol City...
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    Some where over the rainbow

    The pot of gold!
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    Trump to be arrested

    He has already called for protests Similar scenes in Pakistan over Imran Khan