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  1. DW31


    Excellent. Mine in the hands of Royal Mail 👍🏻
  2. DW31

    2 Tickets for Swansea on offer

    Very welcome mate. Glad you got to enjoy it in the away end!!
  3. DW31

    Aaron Ramsey

    Swansea #5 will have nightmares about the second half and what Ramsey did to him. Went past him at will.
  4. DW31

    2 Tickets for Swansea on offer

    Absolutely 👍🏻
  5. DW31

    2 Tickets for Swansea on offer

    You got the right number above?
  6. DW31

    2 Tickets for Swansea on offer

    I’m around if you still need it mate.
  7. DW31

    2 Tickets for Swansea on offer

    Couple of late drop outs. 1 x adult and 1 x u18 if anyone in need. Will be driving so may not respond immediately, but can meet at ground if they are wanted. UTB
  8. DW31

    Parking at Cardiff

    What is it like getting away afterwards and back on the M4? Could really do with a sharp exit. Any advice as best place to park to do so would be much appreciated.
  9. DW31

    How are you all getting to Sunderland for the match?

    Coach. Never had the pleasure. Always driven/train before.
  10. DW31


    According to my mate who is Fulham and has connections at the club, both clubs have agreed to terminate the agreement, so presume they have something else lined up for him.
  11. DW31

    Wilders Agent

    Spoke to a fella who works at the agency that manages Wilder. Not his actual agent, but one from same group. Prepare to take these comments with a huge pinch of salt!!! - Tommy Smith was one of the few signings that CW actually wanted. (be aware Tommy managed by same agency!!) - Boro owners...
  12. DW31

    Bryant Bilongo

    Joined Woking on loan….
  13. DW31

    Any spares

    No problem
  14. DW31

    Any spares

    I’ve got a spare going cheap if anyone wants
  15. DW31

    Any spares

    Is some pay on the gate today
  16. DW31

    Programmes 2021/2022

    Preston the only one on your list that actually produced a programme. No printed issues for the other 4 games.
  17. DW31

    Subscribe To Fly Me To The Moon 2022-23

    I’m in Rob
  18. DW31

    Agent Info

    I guess it is the definition of high calibre. If we get proven Championship players - Toffolo and Lenihan for instance, then wages should not be prohibitive. Same for Twine from L1. If high calibre means proven Premiership on permanent deals, then I agree with you. I’m sure some Premier League...
  19. DW31

    Agent Info

    An agent who has dealings with the club says Wilder has quite an impressive list of players he is after. Gibbo prepared to back it, but clearly wants to stay within FFP rules so needs the sales of Spence, Akpom and possibly one more in order to fully do so. Appreciate this is all pretty much...
  20. DW31

    Lewis Wing Replica Shirt Blindcard NOW CLOSED

    paid - Accrington