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    How good was Wilf Mannion?

    Good point that actually! :ROFLMAO: Appears Cambridge appreciate him too.
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    How good was Wilf Mannion?

    For those who seen him play? And who would you liken him to in football today?
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    I see where you are coming from but I had a season ticket for years from when the Riverside opened until I had to miss two seasons due to work, and have had one ever since. I think its brilliant that the club reward those who have had a ST right through, especially as Sexpom said, the majority...
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    Imagine the meltdown on here every away match if Boro decided to offer away season tickets and lots of people bought them! Most matches go to general sale anyway yet people still moan. Imagine though there was say 500-1000 away ST holders before the points system kicked in. Hell on.
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    The Wigan Athletic ****-show

    They nearly went bust a few seasons ago then proceeded to spend an absolute fortune in league 1 (by L1 standards anyway). No surprise at all this was coming.
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    👏 👏 👏 👏
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    Soccer AM to finish

    As others have said, was brilliant years ago but been rubbish for years. I was talking to a mate about it a few weeks back and I was on about the snippet they did, Emerson's Soccer Locker, but he can't remember it at all. I haven't made it up have I??? :ROFLMAO:
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    Huddersfield Town

    Too true Newy! :ROFLMAO:
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    Huddersfield Town

    Restricting the away support to 2300 hasn't helped much either. Honestly, I can't understand why the EFL, club creditors or whoever are not questioning things like this more. They are playing in a stadium that is nigh on empty most games, surely it makes sense, especially with their current...
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    "Really good result outshone by fantastic away support" When you have comments like this, nothing surprises me anymore.
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    Great article in the Athletic on our London Recruitment

    Absolutely brilliant that. We are hopefully on the verge of something very special. Reading that I instantly thought of Ajax. Now imagine we could grow an academy like theirs!
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    Thoughts on Gibson.

    “There can be no other objective – we want to smash the league next year. We want to go up next year as champions." To this day, it baffles me that people took offence by this.
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    Huddersfield away

    If you remember though, didn't they balls the Sunderland tickets up whereby anyone could buy them, no matter how many points they had? They then cancelled most of them and put them back on sale just as it entered the lower points bracket? I'm sure people came on here stating similar at the time.
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    Palace sack Viera

    Nah, Palace have history with Jamie Pollock don't they?
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    Best Championship Squad of English Players

    That was my first thought too!
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    Scalextric Shop in Middlesbrough

    Them green walls of Subbuteo too :love::love:
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    TalkSport... again

    I don't see the issue myself? Maybes a compliment to how we have been doing?. There's been some good managers in the Championship over the years but so far, I think Carrick and Kompany have done exceptionally well so these links are always going to happen.
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    I crashed my car in the snow on Thursday

    I smell something fishy here! Not the first time is it Terry? Remember the Jag and the Transporter Bridge?? ;)
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    Aaron Ramsey

    On top of that, Aaron Danks could be one of the most important appointments we've ever made.
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    This football we’re playing under Carrick

    Well said Scrug lad 💪