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  1. Comforts_comforter

    playoff semi-final dates

    I appreciate your heads up. I was actually tipped the wink a week or so before you posted on here. However, I booked my TOTALLY REFUNDABLE hotel room back in August based on what the EFL website said at the time. Three of us in a family room from Sunday to Monday was £200. I had faith back then...
  2. Comforts_comforter

    London Underground Question

    I’m pretty sure it’s under 12’s can travel on one card. I’ve done that with mine, without anyone pulling us up.
  3. Comforts_comforter

    The run in

    Move the Burnley game to the Riverside ;)
  4. Comforts_comforter

    playoff semi-final dates

    It is scheduled for the Monday, however, I got told a few weeks back that it may be moved to the Saturday. Haven't heard anything since so assume that particular rumour might not have had any substance.
  5. Comforts_comforter

    The Last of Us TV Show

    I've never played the game(s) so went into this series totally open minded. I enjoyed it all immensely. I have also enjoyed following this thread and the expanse given to me by FMTTM game players explaining things I might otherwise have missed. I look forward to resuming and perusing this...
  6. Comforts_comforter

    The Football Tourist Guide to Middlesbrough

    Fantastic to see the positives highlighted instead of the usual stereotypical responses we are used to seeing. Really good and thanks for sharing.
  7. Comforts_comforter

    Play off final date - Will it move?

    How likely do you think it is that the play off final date could be switched from the Monday to the Saturday? I am sure I read that the premier league have moved some of their matches around, possibly as a consequence of the Kings coronation and maybe I also read that the last match of their...
  8. Comforts_comforter

    Swansea away ticket details

    It may be possible that there is engineering works planned that weekend leading to a reduced or non-existent service. Hope not!
  9. Comforts_comforter

    Red Bull Reveal...

    If you believe the hype then Ferrari have accidentally found 30hp through reliability and safety improvements to their engine ;)
  10. Comforts_comforter

    Boro v Brighton programme

    It was like a folded poster. Very bizarre.
  11. Comforts_comforter

    League cup so unfair.

    I've already booked my play off final hotel ;)
  12. Comforts_comforter

    Geordies getting closer to a trophy!

    I put a tenner on them when they were at 14/1. Kind of a reverse psychology bet, if you will :)
  13. Comforts_comforter

    Boxing Day

    Not many left on the hospitality floors from what I have been told.
  14. Comforts_comforter

    Trains to hibs away

    I had booked directly with LNER however somehow managed to be on a Trans Pennine coming back, prior to the strike announcement and the subsequent cancellation. Up until they moved the outbound train from 9.10am to 9.07am then my only option to cancel my advance ticket was payment in vouchers...
  15. Comforts_comforter

    Thogden in Qatar

    I've never heard of him, however he was trending on twitter yesterday. A bit of a concerted effort from a few sad individuals to label him as gay and tag the Qatari government into every tweet about him. I assume with the aim of having him arrested. Just, why?
  16. Comforts_comforter

    How many at hibs?

    Ah, b*ll*cks
  17. Comforts_comforter

    Peter Kay Tickets...."What were all that about"?!

    Its refreshing to see a company like Gigs and Tours selling without the usual price gouging. Some on Viagogo are advertised at £300. Bandits.
  18. Comforts_comforter

    How many at hibs?

    I'm going as a guest of MFC. Prawn sandwich anyone?
  19. Comforts_comforter

    Red Bull breaching 2021 financial cap

    I disagree with the wording of Procedural, Minor and Material breaches. It is the minor breach that seems to shout it was all very close to complying, when in reality that overspend could be as much as $7m. If you won $7m on a scratch card you wouldn't be telling everyone it was a minor lottery...
  20. Comforts_comforter

    The Gazette's spelling of Billingham

    Good grief! In case you don't get it, Robinsons traditional fish and chips on the list is in Billingham not Birmingham