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  1. Cosmonaut

    Since Carrick was appointed, we have only dropped pts in one game

    Wow. Another outstanding stat, I am glad Carrick has not won MOTM yet. It is a curse! Long may it continue ha ha If we catch Sheff Utd and go up automatically though, surely he would deserve to be awarded Manager of the Year considering our circumstances before he come in, but we know they...
  2. Cosmonaut

    Oasis reunion looking highly likely

    Indeed Noel hasn't said it is defo happening yet obviously, but there have been all sorts of rumours this year hotting up from both the brothers, I hope they do write a few new songs if they do get back together and not just reunion shows or whatever.. I loved them as a kid and the first two...
  3. Cosmonaut

    Oasis reunion looking highly likely

    No surprise at all to me. Was only a matter of time and it appears Noel is now teasing ... they will do a reunion, few nights at Wembley or something and his bank account will benefit very nicely. £££££
  4. Cosmonaut

    Virgin Media

    Jesus Christ, I have heard a lot about their price rises and have been meaning to call in and ask about my own, as when I signed the contract for my mobile just the end of last year as well as broadband last April, I was not under the impression they were able to just increase the price of what...
  5. Cosmonaut

    The arrested couple

    I hadn't heard anything about this story until yesterday ... good grief. I just have no words, I still don't know the circumstances and what else has broken in the news regarding the couple responsible but it reduced me to tears, literally. The first time that has happened in some time. There...
  6. Cosmonaut

    Virgin Media Increases

    This reminds me .. When I bought my Virgin Contract, they knew I was looking for a new phone as well at the time and offered me an o2 sim-only deal with the same terms I was on with GiffGaff but unlimited data for both texts, calls/internet data I turned it down but they sent me it out anyway...
  7. Cosmonaut

    Virgin Media Increases

    Ridiculous, struggling to deal with the number of providers I subscribe to notifying me they're raising things in line with this fking crisis .. what next, the little nuisance hound's insurance?? Probably :ROFLMAO: Only thing is, Virgin Media have been excellent with me since I had their...
  8. Cosmonaut

    * The Original - Unofficial "Official" Boro v Sheffield United. Match-Day Thread *

    Good grief. I almost lumped a load on Sheff Utd to win BTTS tonight, returns seemed far too generous so thought it was buying money. Last minute bottled it, and **** me I am glad I did as it'd have ruined me .. Boro, wow. I can't believe my eyes. Archer, I wish I realised just what a gem of a...
  9. Cosmonaut

    * The Original - Unofficial "Official" Cardiff v Boro Match-Day Thread *

    Didn't expect three points today, predicted 2-2 ... as much as I hate the lottery of the playoffs,(flashbacks of the Pulis playoff side where we knew we weren't going up before a ball was even kicked) .... this result today was a statement. Michael Carrick is doing a splendid job and I hope...
  10. Cosmonaut

    * The Unofficial "Official". Boro v Watford. Match-Day Thread *

    Exactly my thoughts, bar a couple of tweaks but excellent choices that have come into this side ... The work has barely begun yet for Michael Carrick in terms of making more signings and his own team eventually coming to fruition .. Be interesting to see what players still start come the new...
  11. Cosmonaut

    * The Unofficial "Official". Boro v Watford. Match-Day Thread *

    Did not expect us to be as good as that today. Best I have seen us under MC, tbf. Great reaction to the Mackems result, seriously believe we have a chance of promotion.
  12. Cosmonaut

    Exploring Eston Mines

    Surprised if that is one of the Eston Mines ... where about is it supposed to be?? There is the one at the top of 'New Bank' or 'Cali Bank' as known locally ... that was always bricked off , hard to access like the rest of them for safety reasons obv SS Castle 'Guibal Fan House' .. bit...
  13. Cosmonaut

    The best interview I’ve heard this year.

    Wilder's treatment of Fry is when I really started to doubt anything will work out. Fry should be one of the first names on the teamsheet to me. The contrast between Wilder and Carrick is unreal to see. The latter is a real professional but he is only in his first real job and working wonders...
  14. Cosmonaut

    Could potter really be sacked??

    Sacking Tuchel to appoint someone like Potter, a fantastic manager building his rep at a brilliant club, but who had never worked with a squad full of egos as big as what he has on his plate at Chelsea, and expecting immediate results .. is bonkers. Don't understand it. I get why Potter...
  15. Cosmonaut

    Just our mayor Andy Preston being a mad racist

    Thought this was a joke and not real at first? ... What a fcking d1ck
  16. Cosmonaut

    Humbling defeat

    Expected a bit more than that, like. Disappointing.
  17. Cosmonaut

    Super Michael Carrick

    Touched on it in a few threads, can't even remember the last time we had a coach who does this so effectively. We go down, and for once I don't feel worried and still feel we are going to get back into it and something from the game. Lately, it has been 3 points from behind, take that any day...
  18. Cosmonaut

    Super Michael Carrick

    He is doing brilliantly. Things are changing for the better. But still, early days and we have to give the man time. But this start for him, not seen anything like it in ages. Cannot wait until we strengthen. That is when things will get interesting. He has been getting blood out of a stone so...
  19. Cosmonaut

    That’s how good we are

    ... Still not getting carried away that. But make no doubts about it, I am delighted we are under Carrick's leadership Makes me wonder what we are going to be capable of once we strengthen! Some of the change in attitude on the pitch is unreal, I can't remember the last time I have ever seen...
  20. Cosmonaut

    Vivienne Westwood has died

    Oh, deary me I did not know ... Rest in Peace. An absolute legend. Shame that we have lost a couple of greats to the arts and sports world today Very sad to hear of both, RIP