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    Beautiful songs that deserved to be bigger

    Lovely lady born in Stockton. Sad to say no longer with us.
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    Singers or bands with wildlife in their name

    The Bird and the Bee
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    Carrick interview with Jimmy Floyd

    I was thinking about him the other day how it’s his first job as coach and lack of experience. However when you think about all the top coaches and managers he’s been around over the years and the amount of ideas and experience he’ll have picked up from them, I wonder how he’s stayed under other...
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    Footballers in hotels

    Steve Claridge.
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    Footballers in hotels

    Carlton Palmer
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    Music of the 80`s .......

    And we all start clapping.
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    Favourite Opening Lines to a song....

    And I've run out of pale ale And I feel like I'm in jail And my music bores me once again And I've been on the pinball And I know longer know it all And they say that you never know when you're insane Pinball - Bryan Protheroe.
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    Wilder Rumours

    Must be true it’s in the Northern Echo!!! Or are they reading the load of ridiculous speculation on here. Have people nothing better to do than think up stupid stories. Obviously not from this Board!
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    Unusual Cover Versions

    One for the dads and one for the mams. Two very different versions of same song,both covers!
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    Unusual Cover Versions

    Bit of an oldie.
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    Unusual Cover Versions

    You may recognise the backing vocalists .
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    Unusual Cover Versions

    Vanilla Fudge. What a great name for a band!
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    Post your little known musical factoids

    “Something in the air” by Thunderclap Newman, produced by Pete Townsend. He also played base on the recording.
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    Post your little known musical factoids

    In the summer of 1975, folk mega band Steeleye Span were dressed up as the Wombles on top of the pops to the track , Super Womble. Mike Batt was their producer at the time.
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    Post your little known musical factoids

    This song was written by Ray Dorset of Mungo Jerry fame for Elvis. Unfortunately Elvis passed away and the song became a big hit for Kelly Marie.
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    Wonderful times. Great players, great football, great manager. Absolutely loved those times. Win, lose or draw just looked forward to the next game. Not these days when results rule the roost.