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  1. SmogOnTheTees

    TV shows that should be retired…

    My wife loves this program. But, the close ups of her face drive me mad. Who's finding her attractive? Three lads in that program!
  2. SmogOnTheTees

    Is It A Derby?

    Derbies are only really such important games to those who have people in their life that support the other team. You know, knobheads. I used to live in Newcastle. I know good Geordies and bad ones. I used to hate when we'd lose and I'd have to go into work with them. Now i dont live in...
  3. SmogOnTheTees

    France : all 10 outfield players culturally black

    I think he means after all the substitutions
  4. SmogOnTheTees

    I don’t like Argentina

    All of those players weren't alive when they lost that war. How does that really affect them? It's like the Irish kids spouting their hate for the English. I could understand those that lived through the Troubles, but how were the kids affected?
  5. SmogOnTheTees

    Barlaser & Stewart on the radar.

    With Muniz and Mowatt, aren't they loans? Cant we just end the loans? I know the loaner can't end the loans and take their player back without stipulations, but we're the loanee. If they were atrocious and scoring own goals every week, we should be allowed to end their loans. MC clearly doesn't...
  6. SmogOnTheTees

    Is there a French word for schadenfreude

    Embarrassment of a newspaper. If you buy this tripe, you're daft.
  7. SmogOnTheTees

    Rumour that Saudis might sell NUFC to buy Man U

    All my Christmasses at once! I'd never ask for anything for Christmas or birthday ever again because the greatest thing had already been delivered. I think I would mess myself laughing.
  8. SmogOnTheTees

    Come on japan!

    Japan need to work on their penalties. They are worse than England!
  9. SmogOnTheTees

    Boro v Spurs from 1975 on ITV4 now...

    Bloody VAR!!
  10. SmogOnTheTees

    Suarezs face

  11. SmogOnTheTees

    Could F1 be about to introduce “reverse” DRS

    If you want to make it interesting introduce turtle shells, bananas, heat seeking turtle shells, invincibility stars, bullet bills, etc. Never fails to entertain me.
  12. SmogOnTheTees

    Canada 1 Morocco 1, Croatia 1 Belgium 4

    Boksic is the only Croatian to play for us? We should try a few more - decent players. Who is the Canadian?
  13. SmogOnTheTees

    Things that haven't aged well

    Donatella Versace
  14. SmogOnTheTees

    Portuguese penalty against Uruguay

    Wasnt the referee the problem in that instance though? VAR just showed him what had happened. The ref made the decision that he thought it was a penalty.
  15. SmogOnTheTees

    England v USA

    Christ on a bike! Stakes have been raised. Just as the world seems to get worse and worse, there's now the threat of him returning. WE MUST NOT LOSE!
  16. SmogOnTheTees

    Another mass shooting in the US

    Efficient. Given the amount of times they need sending, it was about time they got abbreviated.
  17. SmogOnTheTees

    ‘Levelling Up’ is Encouraging Gulf States to Buy Northern Football Clubs

    You don't want the state with the best record AGAINST human rights and corruption.
  18. SmogOnTheTees

    Twitter on its last legs?

    If the thing cost him a couple of grand maybe, but it cost 40 odd billion
  19. SmogOnTheTees

    The end?

  20. SmogOnTheTees

    The end?

    Won't Russia claim it was Ukraine doing a false flag and we will be left questioning what is truth?